Student kitchen essentials: 5 things you can’t live without

For some, apartment hunting season has ended. For others, it has just begun. However, if you are part of the lucky group that have already signed the lease and picked up the keys, your next step will be buying the stuff you need. Yes, that’s right; ‘buying essential things for the apartment’ season has officially begun! You might be moving out from student accommodation, leaving your parent’s nest, or simply renting your first ever apartment. Whether alone or with friends, there are a few things you simply cannot forget to buy for your first apartment. Most importantly, you can’t forget about student kitchen essentials!

It’s all about the student kitchen essentials

Clearly, there is a long list of things that you will be bringing with you. This includes your clothes, books, electronics, and personal belongings (we don’t want to know all the details, after all). However, one of the more difficult (or, let’s say, complicated) rooms to pack and buy for is the kitchen: the magical land where you either learned to cook for the first time or use the oven to heat up frozen pizza. Either way, in your new (and first) apartment you will need to be the master of your own kitchen.

We want to help you stock your kitchen for the best experience possible. So, we have come up with a list of the 5 student kitchen essentials you need for the most student-friendly kitchen of all time.

1. Microwave

A microwave is the ultimate student dream; minimum effort, maximum outcome. With a microwave, you can heat up yesterday’s leftovers (or last week’s, let’s be real) or even make food from scratch. For example, you can microwave potatoes or vegetables instead of cooking or roasting them. A microwave is easy to use, and means you can make food quickly without any hassle. Furthermore, it means you don’t all have to be queuing up to cook your dinner on a busy Wednesday night. A microwave is the king of all student kitchen essentials.

2. Coffee machine

Coffee is what students swear by; it’s what makes you pass your exam that you spend all week studying for, or that paper you pulled an all-nighter on. Coffee is your friend. And, what better way to keep this friendship going than by buying a coffee machine? What about a basic, coffee pot-style one? Or, one with capsules? What’s more, making your own coffee at home can save you some serious cash. Think of all the money you spend on campus coffee. That’s one more thing you can proudly strike from your newly-made budgeting journal

Image of coffee as student kitchen essentials

3. Mini freezer and mini fridge

This appliance is great as an additional freezer or small fridge to the (hopefully) already-existing ones in your apartment. If you are rooming with a few other friends, space might get tight, so it’s always a good idea to have some extra room. You can buy one fridge/freezer for the kitchen, or even one mini fridge per person. Why not? Put some beers in there, some ice cream, or ice for any drinks you want to make for that party you’re throwing next week. As one of the student kitchen essentials, the mini-anything is seriously convenient, don’t you think?

4. Grill

Grilled cheese sandwiches? Sign us up! A small and stress-free appliance to use, a grill could be the perfect complement to a student apartment. And you don’t have to limit yourself to sandwiches; don’t forget about bacon, grilled chicken, veggies, or even an omelette. No longer are you limited to sandwiches, see? Really, the mini panini grill is your best friend. Check out this grill. Plus, it makes for a great alternative to cooking on a stove if it’s being used by another one of your roommates.

5. Blender

This is the bonus card: a blender! Yes, it may be a little bit fancy for a student apartment, but hear me out. For one, a blender is multi-purpose! You can make soups for the sick days after partying for a straight week; you can make sauces to further your journey to becoming a 5-star (sort of) chef; or, you can make healthy, vitamin-loaded smoothies to jumpstart that health-kick you’ve been thinking about since your New Year’s resolutions. If you get one with multiple containers like this one, each person in your household can use the blender and it will avoid mess at all costs. Done and dusted.

Image of woman drinking smoothie using blender which is a student kitchen essentials

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With these 5 appliances, your space will be full to the brim with student kitchen essentials. Most importantly, you will be feeling like a kitchen expert! These are all easy to use, will give you and your friends more space, and will make your kitchen the envy of all your mates. Plus, now you can tell mom that you do know how to make a 3-course meal…in the microwave, of course.

Do you have any student kitchen essentials you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!




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