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Selecting Your University Major in 2022: A Complete Guide

Are you in the process of applying to universities and preparing for college life? Are you having trouble deciding on the major that suits you best? You are probably bombarded by questions, such as: How can I find a course that suits me? What are some things to study at the university? How can I […]

Best European Private Business Schools [2022]

Are you planning to pursue a career in business? Have you already decided that the most suitable European business education for you is at a private university?  Or, perhaps, you want to learn more about private schools in Europe to decide. For example, why should you select a private business school over a public one? […]

European Business Education: The Complete Guide

You’re a recent high school graduate. Or you’re someone who wants to start a career in business. You’re looking to enter a new chapter of your life at a university and you want to study in Europe.   What are the best business schools in Europe? What defines a good business school? What works best for […]


The World of Tech - The Complete Guide

Are you a fresh IT student on their path to entering the tech industry? Or perhaps, you are a senior IT student in their final year of college, seeking tech opportunities. Then, this guide is for you.  Get familiar with the world of tech by learning more about its development and its relevance to every […]

Student Housing - The Complete Guide

One of the first (and arguably the most important) aspects of student life is having a place to live. Whether that is student housing or something off the private market, there are lots of options to choose from. As an international student, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the best place possible. Sometimes […]

Health Insurance in the Netherlands - The Complete Guide

Health insurance is one of the first things you should consider arranging when you decide to study abroad. Health insurance in the Netherlands can be costly and confusing to navigate, but luckily College Life knows you'd rather be spending your time doing other things. Do you Need Insurance? Legally, everyone in the Netherlands is required […]

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Student Finance - The Complete Guide
Money: it's great to have but hard to keep. In all seriousness, though you may not be entirely broke, as a student you may be feeling some financial pressure. It is a known fact that university can be expensive, from the tuition fee to the textbooks. However, that is why the concept of financial aid […]
Graduate Finance - The Complete Guide
You've done it. You’ve struggled your way through your degree program, showed up for graduation, and somehow managed to get your diploma. Congratulations! While student life feels like a treadmill set slightly above walking speed, graduate life is a series of alternations between an unbearable jog and an untenable trudge. Like all good questions, that […]
Taxes in the Netherlands - The Complete Guide
Taxes: No one likes them but we all love to hate them. Taxes are the bane of every working person’s existence. Doing taxes somewhere that isn’t your home country? Now that’s even worse! Seeing that as an international student or graduate in the Netherlands, you can’t really ask your parents for help filling out your […]

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Work in the Netherlands - The Complete Guide
Whether you're looking to make a few extra bucks on the side or if working is the next logical step in your career plan, work in the Netherlands can be hard to come by and get a handle on. College Life is here to help you. All info you need, in one place, so you […]
Getting a Part-Time Job - The Complete Guide
Sick of endless google searches raking up the same stale information about part-time work in the Netherlands? Good, we are too! Here at College Life, we get the frustration that comes with living in a country where you don’t speak the language and yet want to be employable. Being an international student here is rough. […]
College Internships and Traineeships -The Complete Guide
College internships are a valuable introduction to what working life is like. As an international student here, a college internship can give you the opportunity to not only test out your career options but also to see if you might stay and work here after your studies. If you’re ready to discover Dutch working culture […]

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Human Resources

Multilingual Recruitment - The Complete Guide
With the rise of multilingual recruitment in the business market, it is necessary to understand the value that lies behind its popularity. More specifically, multilingual or international students and graduates pave the way to a future of multilingual recruitment and a promising career success. The Fundamentals What is multilingual recruitment? Multilingual recruitment is the practice […]
Employee Value Proposition - A Guide to Building a Recession-Proof EVP
Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is all the rage these days. Of course, this is no surprise considering the mountains of evidence showing it reduces the cost per hire, increases the time to hire, and reduces employee turnover. However, these positive effects only arise if the EVP is done right. Unfortunately, this has become incredibly difficult […]
Young Talent Recruitment in 2023: The Complete Guide
What is the importance of doing young talent recruitment the right way? There is a famous statistic that you may be familiar with. It goes by many names but the textbook term is “Price’s Law”, named after renown physicist and historian Derek John de Solla Price. He coined the term after noticing that in any […]

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