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CV vs. Resumé

Summarising your best self in one perfect document while matching it to your dream job requirements can be difficult. Yet, it becomes even more complicated if you aren't sure exactly what to write. Some will require a CV, while others ask for a resume. Some use the terms for two distinct formats, while others merely […]

Top Soft Skills in Resume (+ How to Acquire Them) [2023]

You might have been revising your resume repeatedly, unsure about the necessity for including soft skills. Perhaps it feels like a waste of space on an A4 paper where you got to fit in your best self. Yet, in an increasingly creative and innovative marketplace, soft skills, like an individual's character, personality traits, and interpersonal […]

Diverse Recruitment: 17 Crucial Practices For the Culturally Sensitive Recruiter

In today's global economy, it is essential to have a diverse workforce that represents different cultures, perspectives, and experiences.  A work team that includes people with distinct backgrounds and skills can bring creativity, innovation, and new perspectives to a business. Such a team improves problem-solving and results in a better understanding of diverse communities. However, […]
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Culture & Entertainment

5 Must-See Dutch Art Museums You Need to Visit

Dutch culture is extremely diverse and fascinating. A pillar of Dutch cultural legacy is its plethora of museums, which happens to also be one of the reasons why studying in the Netherlands is awesome. The Netherlands has tons of museums and galleries and a lot of major Dutch cities are labelled as European cultural capitals. […]

6 Very Persuading Reasons You Should Learn Dutch

Being an international student here does not mean you have an excuse to not learn Dutch! Since you live and study in Holland, why not learn the language? Dutch is a fun language, not only to listen to but to learn as well. Honestly, you don't need to become fluent. Just learn enough to not […]

The Absolute Best Cultural Discounts for Students in the Netherlands

We’ve all been there: you want to go out and do something but you don’t want to spend a small fortune (well, a ‘small fortune’ in the eyes of a student). As an international student or even an exchange student you probably want to explore the new place you are going to be living and […]


How Ebooks and Audiobooks Can Reshape Your College Learning Experience

Navigating the challenges of college requires a keen focus on maximizing efficiency, especially when unexpected obstacles like the freshman flu threaten to disrupt your academic routine. In these cases, strategies like the Pomodoro method provide a lifeline for learning while sick, just as healthy snacks and exercise help get your blood flowing to make you […]

Crafting Hospitality Professionals: A Deep Dive into Degree Programmes

The hospitality industry is a bustling world filled with opportunities for those who love to make others feel welcome and valued. It's a space where the warmth of a quaint bed and breakfast and the splendor of grand international resorts converge, all with the goal of crafting unforgettable experiences. For dreamers and doers looking to […]

Real Estate Education: A Cornerstone for Sustainable Development

Real estate stands at the crossroads of numerous disciplines, embodying elements of finance, law, urban planning, and environmental science. As the global community edges closer to embracing sustainable living, the role of education in real estate becomes undeniably crucial. This article delves into the multifaceted importance of real estate education, particularly as a foundational element […]
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Beyond Books: Unearthing the Untold Benefits of College Radio Stations

College campuses are bustling hubs of learning, offering more than just a traditional academic education. Beyond the lecture halls, libraries filled with books, and the endless cycle of studying, assignments, and exams lies an often-overlooked resource – the college radio station. These stations are not only cultural beacons on campuses but also provide unique opportunities […]

Eco-Conscious Dorms: Student Initiatives Transforming Campus Living into Green Spaces

In recent years, the surge in environmental awareness has significantly influenced how college campuses operate, particularly in student housing. Dormitories, traditionally seen as basic living spaces for students, are undergoing a remarkable transformation. This evolution is largely driven by eco-conscious student initiatives aiming to integrate sustainability into every aspect of campus living. These initiatives are […]

3 Ways to Avoid Burnout During Your Degree

Stress and burnout are major issues for students that can negatively impact academic performance, mental health and overall wellbeing. Stress can significantly impair our cognitive functions like memory and concentration, which are essential for learning. Burnout saps motivation and energy levels, making it difficult to fully engage in your studies. So, combating burnout and cultivating […]
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Top 5 Websites to Get Student Discounts in the Netherlands

Living as a student can be expensive. Even if you have mastered the student budget, it’s always a bonus to be able to save a little money here and there. You're already forking out a bit of cash on your other living costs. Want to buy some new gym shoes or simply treat yourself to a meal […]

Debit Cards 101: Get a Student Debit Card Right Now!

You’ve already chosen to study in the Netherlands. You’re also an expert when it comes to housing allowance, health insurance allowance, and all the other things related to student finance. One more thing to add to your list: debit cards. We are here to help you with all things bank-related and in this case, tell you all about debit cards. […]

How to Create a Budgeting Journal in 6 Easy Steps

As a student, balancing your money can be one of the hardest things to learn, keep on doing, and do well. Living alone for the first time can lead to countless late-night cramming sessions with a trusty double-cheese pizza or one-too-many beers out with your friends to procrastinate instead of writing your paper (Don’t lie. […]
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Student Stories: How Not to Spend 6 Months Applying for the Rent Subsidy

It's a well-known fact that finding the perfect student housing can be challenging. Not only is the demand for rooms noticeably higher in the student cities, but the rent also tends to be more expensive. Luckily, in the Netherlands, you have the opportunity to apply for housing allowance and make your living more affordable. In […]

Medhat’s Story: Finding Expat Jobs in a Competitive Market & International Environment

International student and graduate visa holders that anxiously seek out expat jobs tend to get lost in their search for one. College Life interviewed Medhat to share his experience as well as some insights into finding expat jobs in a competitive market. The International Student Challenges “The cultural difference affects how people get their jobs, […]

Hrishikesh’s Story: How College Life Accelerate Helped him Land a Job 2 Weeks Before the Zoekjaar Visa Expiration Date

College Life Accelerate is a program created specifically for non-EEA students and graduates in the Netherlands. The program’s aim is to help you land a job after graduation in your preferred industry, field and company size. College Life interviewed one of the programme’s alumni, Hrishikesh, to share his experience as well as some insights to […]


A Short and Sweet User Manual to Dutch Public Transport

Though biking is considered the main method of transportation in the Netherlands, there’s more to getting around than simply using your bike. Surely, using a bike outweighs public transport in that it is free and you can usually access many places faster and more directly. However, that doesn’t mean you should totally rule out using […]

How Being a Singapore Exchange Student Changed My Life

As incredibly cliché as this may sound, experiencing the Singapore exchange student life will undeniably change your perspective on most things. Whether this is for better or worse is up to you and you only. This post is an attempt at putting a 20-year-old Gen Zer's experience of living and studying for one semester in […]

3 Best Sites for Student Trips: The Best Flights, Tours and More!

So, exams are done and you want to go on a trip with your friends to celebrate. Now, the question is where should you look? As a student, you definitely want good deals for flight tickets, tours, and more right? Don't worry, because in the following article we will show you the top 3 best […]