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What Is a Toeslagpartner?

by College Life
Updated on June 20, 2023

If you’re preparing to move to the Netherlands for your studies, you may have heard something about a toeslagpartner. While the Dutch word may cause confusion and might sound like some sort of mystical creature, it's actually really simple. A toeslagpartner (translated: benefit partner) is a person you apply for allowances with. If you’ve checked out our guide to allowances, you know that a toeslagpartner can affect how much allowance you can receive. But first, you need to know what a toeslagpartner actually is. And how do you even know if you have a toeslagpartner or not? Well, friends, we have the answers to all your questions!

First of all, what is a toeslagpartner?

A toeslagpartner is a benefit partner, the person with which you apply for government benefits, like the health insurance allowance. The Dutch tax authorities may also refer to it as your ‘payment partner’. You can only have 1 toeslagpartner. 

Who is my toeslagpartner?

Who is my Toeslagpartner?

Most of the time, your payment partner is your tax partner so your spouse or a registered partner. But, most likely, as a student, you are not married. So, in this case, your toeslagpartner might be someone who is registered at the same address as you, like a sibling or housemate.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, then that person is probably your supplementary partner! Here's a list of the conditions required for a person to be your benefit partner, ordered by priority. If the first is fulfilled, then the others don't need to apply.


  1. Are living/signed a cohabitation contract together
  2. Had a child together
  3. Are partners for a pension scheme
  4. Have a home for sale together
  5. Are tax partners for income tax
  6. Were each others toeslagpartner last year in 2016

The order of this list is actually important and not just something we made up (shocking, right). If you live with more than one other person at a registered address, like in a house, the person to which the first situation applies is your toeslagpartner. Picture this: you live with 2 other people, and you have a social contract with one of them and are tax partners with another. In this case, only the first person (so the one you have the social contract with) is your toeslagpartner, since the social contract is higher on the list. The other person is irrelevant (sorry, second person, your time will come).

Other scenarios...

If you live with a relative, like a sibling, then they are your toeslagpartner. However, if you are living at home with your parents, you must be 27 years old or older; otherwise, they are not your toeslagpartners.

As a sub-leaser or if you are subleasing to someone (there’s a difference), which many students might do during their studies, you are not benefit partners!

Still confused and have a slight headache from all of this? You can use this online tool to see who your partner is. Beware: it's only in Dutch.

When are we considered toeslagpartners?

You become benefit partners when you marry or for other reasons like you have bought a house together or signed a social contract together, or any of the aforementioned reasons.

Furthermore, you are benefit partners from the date you started living together if you already live at the same address. So, let’s say you move in together in May, but want to become toeslagpartners in September; even though you register in September, you are partners from May onwards. Have you lived at this address before January 1st, 2019? Then you are partners from the 1st.

Easy-peasy, right?

How does a toeslagpartner influence my allowances?

The amount of allowance you can get, for example for healthcare or housing, depends on your income and your partner’s income. It really depends on the amount of income you have, which is why each situation is unique. You can use this online calculator to see how much allowance you might be able to get. Make sure to have all the details of your supplementary partner when you do this calculation!

So, you see? As it turns out, a toeslagpartner is not some mythical, strange creature. It's simply your partner for allowances! You'll need to know who this benefit partner is when you are applying for healthcare or housing allowance, for example, since their income might influence how much allowance you are able to receive.

Do you have any more helpful information about or experiences with toeslagpartners? Let us know!

2 comments on “What Is a Toeslagpartner?”

  1. Hi, please do you know if all the money from allowences go their account or is it splitted between us two?

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for your question 🙂 The allocation of allowance money depends on factors like individual income and the specific allowance. Generally, it's paid to the Toeslagpartner who applied for it, but if you have a joint account, it may be deposited there. Our advice would be to ensure you meet eligibility criteria and seek guidance from Dutch tax authorities ?

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