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Helping to build your future abroad.

In 2014, a lightbulb went off. Could we help international students & graduates easily integrate into any city in the world? 

We knew that expat websites were doing a lot already. But it just simply wasn't enough for us.

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We started defining the values that shape us

To understand what the true purpose of College Life would be, three core brand values were set in stone to help us steer the ship.

Support Inclusivity

We support building an inclusive society allowing everyone to feel welcome . No matter your background, ethnicity, race or class, we will strive to create opportunities allowing you to integrate seamlessly and feel valued - no matter whether you’re abroad, or at home.

Celebrate Diversity

We strongly believe that diversity allows cities, regions & nations to thrive. Diversity is the backbone of creating a culture-add environment, instead of one that is a culture-fit. Celebrating it allows us to shape the world towards better.

Promote Equality

We believe in creating a fair world in which everyone has an equal opportunity to live out their dreams. By promoting equality, we aim to remove biases in all shapes & sizes. There should be no characteristics that should single anyone out.

Study Financing Netherlands founded in Rotterdam by Kristian Voldrich
Online consulting services provided to international students & graduates in the Netherlands.
The company gets a facelift; the consulting company is transformed into a hub named College Life.
College Life expands to Czech Republic
College Life expands to 10 additional European Countries.
College Life goes global & expands to 55 countries.

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