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Multilingual Recruitment - The Complete Guide

by College Life
Updated on July 6, 2023

With the rise of multilingual recruitment in the business market, it is necessary to understand the value that lies behind its popularity. More specifically, multilingual or international students and graduates pave the way to a future of multilingual recruitment and a promising career success.

The Fundamentals

What is multilingual recruitment?

Multilingual recruitment is the practice of hiring employees who can speak two or more languages. It is an increasingly popular tactic in the workforce. It is estimated that there are more multilingual speakers in the world than there are monolingual. Hence, the fact that this practice is so popular does not make it as surprising, but it is nonetheless, very significant.

Why is multilingual recruitment important?

Hiring candidates who can speak two or more languages enhances the company's success rate. Studies have shown that the ability to speak more than one language helps a person develop the necessary problem-solving skills that are required in several fields. Keep in mind that, problem-solving skills is more than simply finding solutions to problems. Such skills include active listening, good communication, creativity, decision making, analysis, research, team-building, and more. In addition, multilingualism enhances multi-tasking skills. A multilingual employee's productive flow is much greater and more efficient than a monolingual employee's.  Further, there are plenty more health-based benefits to speaking multiple languages in the work field. These include sharp memory and cognitive health guarantee, both equally valuable to the employees who make up for the value of an employer brand.

The best multilingual candidates are international students and graduates who tend to speak another foreign language well enough to move abroad.

There are plenty of other reasons why young talent such as students and graduates are excellent candidates. The video below breaks down 9 reasons for it:


Ease of communication

Multilingual staff contribute to the ease of communication between other companies as well as customers. With the exposure of a company to the international market, communication is vital to achieving and sustaining global success. Employees with multiple language knowledge help prevent translation issues and misunderstandings. More specifically, they bring comfort to the customer who can speak in their own language and express themselves more freely.

Promotion of equality

Equality is a critical factor to the prosperity of a company. The practice of multilingual recruitment offers a way of thinking about equality between languages. This opens up the possibility of equality between cultures and ethnicities. Multilingual recruitment goes hand in hand with multinational recruitment. With more diversity in the workplace, equality becomes a demanding and necessary value. Companies shouldn't overlook the importance of their reputation based on the equal treatment of their employees. It is, after all, a very prominent matter in the current era. However, it is always important to remember that diversity in the workplace should extend beyond language and culture.

Positive change

The importance of diversity lies in the active, positive change that it promotes. Multilingual employees introduce a renewed, international environment which strives for success on a global scale. Companies that hire international, multilingual employees have the opportunity to branch out to multiple nations that move beyond the country that a company is based on. Such a success begins from the individual contribution of each multilingual employee and extends to an entire team of multilingual staff that make that constant change possible.

It is important to note that, multilingualism in the workplace promotes a kind of diversity that does not jeopardize the productivity of the company. It is, indeed, important to acknowledge the problem with diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. Too much focus on values and ideology distracts from the company's objectives and goals in a counterproductive way. However, multilingualism can bring the solution to that. Its celebration of diversity is a more covert tactic that does not stray from the company's big picture. It has values without ideologies that harm the employer brand.


Access to International Talent

Technology enables recruiters to reach a wider candidate list via online recruitment. In fact, recruiters use platforms like LinkedIn to search and hire employees. The list extends to a plethora of candidates from all over the world who tend to accommodate to the required language skill alongside their own. More than that, they can offer multilingual skills that may not even be required but are equally useful. Hence, multilingual recruitment has never been easier. More and more people looking for jobs online are already active, multilingual candidates.

Remote work

Nowadays, remote work is exceptionally demanding. People now have the opportunity to work from within the comfort of their home office. Thus, recruiters have now the opportunity to hire students and graduates from all over the world. Young, international talent automatically offers multilingual skills from employees. These skills shouldn't be wasted. They are the key to expanding the company's reputation across borders. Remote work allows for the company to have direct communication and access all over the world.

Multilingual Students & Graduates

Their Ideas

College students and graduates develop critical thinking, interdisciplinary skills, digital skills, and even emotional intelligence, all of which are the skills of the near future. Multilingual students and graduates offer something more: unique ideas combined with their impressive list of skills. They are the future candidates that make up for versatile employees. They are exceptional individuals who have the skills and the ideas to stand out from the rest and capture the employers' attention.

Their Values

Multilingual students and graduates carry certain values that are essential to the business market. Such values are a combination of their ethnic background mixed with the one from languages they have learned. Their ethnic background equips them with a specific set of values. Meanwhile, the ethnic background that they acquire from language learning introduces them to a whole new world of such values, usually different from ones they already know. Thus, the mix of the two unlocks their minds to a more diverse, multinational world.

Their Impact

Multilingual students and multilingual graduates make their own history. Their impact must not be underestimated. Their multi-faceted values and ideas are unique in every individual student. As a result, they contribute to the success of their future workplace. Each student and graduate with multilingual knowledge can lead the international success of the company. More than that, they are also capable of bringing together a community of people that helps achieve that goal.

How to Find them

Platforms such as College Life Work can help you find high quality talent and fast. There are over 200.000 young international students & graduates that recruiters can reach by promoting their jobs to our international talent.

A Global Community

The workplace must be a healthy space for all employees. Multilingual recruitment as well as multinational employees provide the means to achieving such a safe environment.

A Multinational Workplace 

One of the most important ways to secure a safe workplace is through good communication and inclusivity. Multilingual recruitment invites international employees into the work environment and opens up a space of inclusiveness because of the ease of communication. Multilingual employees can use one language to communicate with everyone in the workplace. Moreover, they can use another language to connect with a select few and build together a sense of community within the space they work. Multilingual employees get to communicate ideas and values to one another, without limiting themselves to a single language, a single idea or value. Thus, the workplace, in turn, becomes a multinational industry rooted in a diverse, international talent brought by multilingual students and graduates.

A Road to Success

A Multinational Future

Multilingual recruitment paves the road to success with its inclusivity. More than that, it broadens horizons with the crossing-over of metaphorical and literal borders. In fact, multilingual recruitment opens up the possibility to a multinational, all-inclusive future employment that enables international students and graduates to find jobs with more ease and access. The future becomes brighter and more promising to a sustainable success. After all, young talent recruitment is for the overachievers!

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