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In Career, you can read posts all about being a working student. This includes helpful career advice and how to ace your life as a working student. Additionally, you will find resourceful information pertaining to legal matters for working in the Netherlands. In Education, you can browse articles about Dutch campus life and how to step up your studying game. Here, you can read about how to be a successful student in the Netherlands and how to prepare for every stage of your college life. The Finance category will keep you up with tips and tricks on how to finance your studies in the Netherlands.

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College Life understands that being an international student the Netherlands can be overwhelming; that’s why we have the Getting Started category. Here, you will find a comprehensive range of information pertaining to being a student in the Netherlands. Also, find out more about the most important practicalities of your stay in the Netherlands. Finally, read about getting a job, campus life, culture, and much more!

Recruitment could be considered the unique section of our magazine, as it is mainly not student-oriented. This section offers interesting insights and help for all possible recruiting companies out there, looking for tips and tricks on how to improve the current staff, and hunt for the perfect future work forces! Whether it be an interesting article on celebrating milestones and the importance of it, why international students are becoming rising stars for any business out there or simply an overview of the benefits of workshops for your staff, College Life has it all!