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Top 5 Websites to Get Student Discounts in the Netherlands

by Kristian Voldrich
Updated on January 8, 2023

Living as a student can be expensive. Even if you have mastered the student budget, it’s always a bonus to be able to save a little money here and there. You're already forking out a bit of cash on your other living costs. Want to buy some new gym shoes or simply treat yourself to a meal with your friends? Then here’s a list of the 5 best places to get your student discounts from...

College Life Benefits

Cost: Free

There are a number of essentials that every student needs to take care of when living in The Netherlands. For each of these essential categories, College Life has partnered up with leading providers to make your life more simple. Simply create an account on College Life by joining the community, and instantly access the following benefits:

  • Student Banking
  • Student Insurance
  • Leal Aid for Students
  • Phone Subscriptions for Students

ISIC (The International Student Identity Card)

Cost: €15,-

Benefits and discounts, you say? In over 150.000 locations, you say? Sign us up! You can use your ISIC card both on- and off-line, whether to buy contact lenses or book a trip to London. Not only can you use it in the Netherlands but it can also be used internationally in over 130 countries! Your ISIC card is valid for 12 months after you buy it and available for full-time students in college and university. Best of all, you can also download the ISIC app where you can check your location and see what deals are close to you. Seems like a true student dream come to life…


Cost: €12,50

Founded by students for students, Knaek offers student discounts mostly for food but also retail and other products. Knaek can either be used for general deals or per city. To use it, simply sign up for an ID or get an activation code and download the App! A Knaek-ID and activation code is available at the start of each new academic year after July 31st and the codes are valid for one academic year. Get money off your dinner in Amsterdam, your second burger free in Utrecht, or a pizza deal in Maastricht… Sounds good to me!

StudentBeans and UniDays

Cost: free

Finally, there is StudentBeans and UniDays: simply create an account on StudentBeans and UniDays using your student email and it will show you student deals that are available to you. Discount at Forever 21? Yes, please! Money off your hotel in Spain? Of course! While there may not be as many discount offers on the Dutch versions of StudentBeans and UniDays compared to their UK sites, you can mix and match and use any combination (or all, more is more after all) of these sites to get deals for all the things your heart desires!

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