Why You Should Consider Working at Mise en Place

Working in the hospitality industry is such a quintessential student experience it almost seems unavoidable. It’s a great way to not only earn money on the side but also develop practical skills that can be reinvested in further employment opportunities. For those looking for an easy student job, working in the hospitality industry achieves the perfect balance between being challenging and rewarding.

Mise en Place is the one of the big names in hospitality in Europe, boasting over 20 years of tight collaboration with students. They offer part-time & full-time hospitality jobs all across the Netherlands.

working at mise en place as a waiter

What is Mise en Place?

Students of the Hotel School in Maastricht created Mise en Place in 1994. Since its inception Mise en Place has always been acutely aware of its status as a student job provider. This means that they not only acknowledge that students are at the heart of their company but also have grown with this fact in mind. From the beginning, their company structure was horizontal so as to promote upward mobility. More notably, Mise en Place has a series of alumni networks that connect ex-Mise en Place employees with current ones, like the Silver Circle. The Silver Circle is Mise en Place’s select group of employees who have worked 1000 or more hours. On top of being treated to a cocktail party, Silver Circlers get priceless networking opportunities.


What working at Mise en Place looks like


Are you always the life of the party, somehow spurring the night on despite exhaustion wearing down everyone’s faces? Working in events is a basic extension of the ideal university experience. You get to be the heart of a multi-limbed body, at the center of what’s happening, surrounded by a gathering of people whose good vibes can only be infectious. You can do anything from manning the cash register at a festival (a very important and entertaining job ) to whipping up masterful cocktails for an under the radar film festival. Become the ultimate host with special added training from Mise en Place to make sure everything is a success.

working at mise en place at the bar


Some things deserve attention, finesse and the inimitable satisfaction of being well-done. Waitressing, for example, is one of those forgotten arts that is both formative and transformative. Working on the service side of Mise en Place is first and foremost about creating an experience. You immerse both yourself and the given customer into the atmosphere of the event. Mise en Place makes sure that its waitstaff feels like a representative: of an image, a philosophy, a lifestyle. Mise en Place not only looks for but trains true mediators who are able to create a people-focused environment.


There’s no need to binge-watch Chef’s Table on Netflix if you work at Cuise - Mise en Place’s dedicated kitchen unit! Both food novices and aficionados are welcome as Mise en Place ensures that everyone Is on the same page and has the same opportunity for growth in the kitchen. Discover hidden chef’s skills through project-based jobs. Who knows, perhaps you’ll embark on your journey to becoming a Michelin star.

working at mise en place in the kitchen


Perks of working at Mise en Place

Working at Mise en Place is one of the rare student jobs that comes with incredible perks. Mise en place is extremely supportive because it is organised with students in mind. It’s also a genuinely rewarding experience. They not only have a Chief Fun Officer but also a Chief Empowering Officer and a Chief Happiness Officer. Though these might seem like ornamental titles they communicate Mise en Place’s strong desire for employee happiness. That and Summer 6 Camp, their super cool summer festival!


Go ahead & explore available jobs at Mise en Place.

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