5 Fast Ways to Decrease Your Energy and Gas Supplier Bill

As a university student, you want to spend money on fun things. Parties, traveling, good food, and day trips with friends. No one wants to spend one cent too much on their energy and gas supplier bill. And that makes total sense because you shouldn't have to. Here are 5 quick ways to cut back on your energy bill.

1. Choose a cheap energy and gas supplier

If you think you're paying too much for your energy at the moment, maybe you are. If you're not buying your energy from UnitedConsumers, you're probably not getting the cheapest energy on the market. UnitedConsumers provides unique discounts to its consumers to make sure you never overpay for your energy bill. Furthermore, UnitedConsumers provides green energy only, meaning you're paying the lowest possible price for the cleanest possible energy.

2. Turn down the heat when you leave the house

Stepping out for an intensive study day at the university? Have a whole day planned with your friends and won't be back until late? After shutting off the lights and before locking the door when you leave, take a moment to turn down your thermostat. Don't turn it down too low to the point where your pipes are at the risk of freezing. Turn it down to around 13 degrees Celsius. When you get home, bump it back up, and your room/apartment will be warmed up again in no time.

3. Share with your flatmates

Of course, if you need to purchase energy separately from your rent, share your energy and gas supplier bill with your flatmates. It's much cheaper to share these costs amongst multiple people instead of bearing them all yourself. Just make sure that your roommates are as conscious about saving energy and maintaining low costs as you are.

4. Warm water costs less at night

In the Netherlands, warm water use at night costs less than water use during the day. What does this mean? Run your dishwasher at night (if you're lucky enough to have one) and do your laundry during the night, if possible. Heating up water amounts for about 25% of your monthly energy bill so cutting back or making smart choices about your usage can really help decrease your bill.

5. Layer up

The Netherlands is notorious for cold and wet days, so there's a big chance you'll be using your heating quite a lot. This doesn't mean you have to have it very high, though. Throw on an extra sweater, another pair of socks, and throw a blanket over yourself. Not only will you feel very cozy, but you'll be pleased with a mild energy and gas supplier bill at the end of the year. If layering up isn't your thing, consider studying in heated public buildings, like the University Library or Rotterdam public library.

Be smart about how you spend your money when studying abroad. It's possible to have green energy and not pay a lot. You'll be satisfying the environment and your bank account all at once. And who knows, maybe you'll end up using the money you save on that special trip you've been dreaming about.

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