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Havel & Partners: Sourcing Economics Students from Top 200 European Universities

by College Life
Updated on October 31, 2022

Havel & Partners is the largest Czech-Slovak Law Firm, with the company’s international reach extending to 90 countries around the globe. Their close collaboration with leading international law firms across Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, and Australia, provides clients with access to both international and local expertise in nearly 160 countries.

The Objective

In early 2020, College Life worked closely with Havel & Partner, in order to attract Czech & Slovak economics students and graduates from the top 200 European Universities.

The Challenges

The two major challenges to attracting young international talent were the recruitment process and the talent sourcing:

  • Recruitment Marketing: There needed to be a cost-effective recruitment marketing funnel with a clear and straightforward narrative. College Life essentially built a story around working with the company to give an insider perspective to the students and graduates in order to get a comprehensive overview of the company.
  • Talent Sourcing: College Life had to seek talent without prior academic or professional experience in law, and encourage them to join Havel & Partners.

The Process

College Life was the coach by providing insights into working as a non-lawyer in a law firm. Meanwhile, Havel & Partners was seeking top Czech & Slovak economics students from top universities in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

There were three different stages to the campaign planning:

  • Establish recruitment marketing and talent sourcing OKRs
  • Set clear objectives by understanding the individual stages
  • Identify all relevant channels that were used by Czech & Slovak students and graduates.

Three crucial steps were taken as a part of the execution stage:

  • Build a narrative that resonates with the target audience
  • Grow hack through LinkedIn automation
  • Focus entirely on organic channels by sending emails via LinkedIn and College Life Work

The Results

College Life Media applied growth hacking principles through LinkedIn to attract Czech & Slovak students form the top 200 European Universities. Moreover, College Life Media built a coherent landing page, reaching out to 384 prospective candidates and engaging with 91 interested candidates. Finally, College Life Work successfully sourced talent for the two selected roles: Economist Intern and Junior Economist.

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