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How Braskem Received 16 Qualified Candidates Within 19 Days

by College Life
Updated on June 20, 2023

Braskem is a petrochemical multinational headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil. It is the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas and also produced the largest quantity of polypropylene in the United States. With over 16 regional offices, 8 thousand employees and revenue of over $16 billion, we were on a mission to support the company’s new Rotterdam office.

Find out how we sourced top candidates for the world’s leading green plastic producer.


Striving to become the world’s leader in sustainable chemistry, Braskem approached us to help them source top candidates for their marketing & data analysis internship. Our aim was thus to focus on the conversion part of the talent recruitment funnel. We did this chiefly by utilizing the existing employer branding resources that Braskem had already developed.


We engaged in a discovery session with Braskem, the goal of which was to truly understand the entire scope of their talent acquisition strategy (TAS). We thus engaged in a discussion about their current TAS, focusing on the channels that they use and the effectiveness of these channels.

Next, understanding the role of the internship within the company helped us see the big picture.

By understanding the scope, we were able to make recommendations which are only possible once we would receive the right information which was only possible once we received the right information. The recommendation we made to Braskem was the following:

Increase target area perimeter from Rotterdam to surrounding cities with top talent (Delft, The Hague & Leiden)


Communicating the right information using the right language is imperative for a successful hire. After receiving the job description, our team thoroughly analyzed its contents and sent back a report with optimization suggestions. We assessed three domains:

1. Completeness (content): Does the vacancy have all components that it should have?

- Adding a paragraph about Braskem & what working at the company is like

2. Clarity (transparency): Does the vacancy communicate all aspects clearly & transparently?

- Benefits of the internship (including €700,- compensation)

3. Communication (language): Does the vacancy use correct punctuation, spelling & grammar?   

- No suggestions were required - the vacancy had proper use of the English language.


Once the vacancy was revised, it was immediately published and distributed across all channels targeting the specific job types & cities. This strategy is called active recruitment. It ensures that there is maximum engagement (i.e. sessions & clicks) and conversion (i.e. applications) within the first 1-3 days, which contributes to lowering your time-to-hire.


All of College Life’s channels are curated and composed of international students and graduates from the top 10 Dutch universities. Working with these universities allows us to create these specific owned groups and activate them once there is a fitting opportunity.


As a result, Braskem received 16 high-quality applications in 19 days and within the following week made a decision to hire a candidate from College Life.

Ready to win the war for talent? Amplify your talent recruitment strategy now.

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