Tips and Tricks Every Food Delivery Rider Should Know

How can you make the most of being a food delivery rider? To help you answer this essential question, we've interviewed experienced riders at Foodora for some helpful tips and tricks! With this vital information, you'll be all good to go!

Do you have any tips and tricks on how to make the most out of being a food delivery rider?

Arthur: "I actually have a few tips and tricks! First of all, I would say, study the city map! Knowing where to find all the restaurants and the main streets could save you a lot of time. Also, always charge your phone and keep a power bank nearby, in case you were to run out of battery.
Always bring water and money because you never know when you might have an emergency or just to not end up dehydrated during your shift! Make sure to also keep your bike chain, tires, and breaks in a good condition (for obvious reasons). I would also definitely recommend having a spare bike to make sure you never miss a shift.

Another tip: listening to music can be a good way to make time pass faster but be careful not to block out all the outside noise from cars and pedestrians! Now, for those beautiful sunny days, finding a park or a bench to chill when it isn't busy is also a must. Here's also a pretty straightforward one: always bring a rain jacket. After all, we're still in the Netherlands! Lastly, concerning the quality of the delivery, try to be as fast as possible once you have the food in your bag. Separate cold and hot and try to make everything stay in place so it won't move during the ride."

Tiago: "In order to feel energetic and motivated, you should eat well and hydrate yourself. If you are planning to work a lot, it can be handy to drink a protein shake or have a protein bar with you. I would also recommend having some tissues, gloves, and a spare light with you in case the weather turns bad. As a last tip: ask for water in the restaurants where you pick up meals! They are always willing to give you some so don’t be shy."

Jaroslaw: "The only big tip I can give is just to be dressed for any weather and take some high-calorie snacks with you for the long journeys!"

Water bottle - tips and tricks

How much can you realistically make as a food delivery rider for Foodora?

Arthur: "During summer break when I had more time to work, I made around 1500 euro per month."

Tiago: "That depends on the city. If you are not from Amsterdam, I would say 600-800 euros per month. This is because it can get competitive to get shifts depending on the time of the year. If you are from Amsterdam, you can get up to 1200 or 1300 per month if you are willing to work many hours. Personally, nowadays, I get an average of 800 euros per month in Leiden. However, I work more than most riders and I get some referral bonuses from recruiting new riders."

Jaroslaw: "Of course, this depends on how many hours you work. In general, by working on average 100 hours a month, I will earn about 750 euros." 

Any tips for how to get bonuses at Foodora, if there are any?

Arthur: "You can get bonuses by recommending the job or the app to new people. Every person hired appointed by you will earn you about 100 euros extra for that specific month."

Tiago: "Another big bonus is the 'jackpot' you can earn if you bring in the most new co-workers. This jackpot basically consists of a cash prize of 500 euros!"

Jaroslaw: "One last, fun bonus you can earn is for example on New Year's day. Everyone who works from 17:00 to 20:00 will earn an extra 50 euros on their paycheck."

Can you get any other extra advantages at Foodora?

Arthur: "Getting to know all of the most delicious restaurants in your city!"

Tiago: "Other than discovering new places to eat, you can also make a lot of new friends and also just socialize with a bunch of new people."

Jaroslaw: "Occasionally, there will also be parties hosted by Foodora which you can join for free!"


With these tips and tricks, you should be ready to hit the road!


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