New Year, New Life: 5 Reasons to Check Out Thuisbezorgd Jobs!

For many, the New Year often brings thoughts of looking for a new job or trying a new opportunity or a challenge. In fact, the New Year can be the jump start you need to improve your life, studies, and career. If you’re one of those ambitious people ready for something new this year, consider Thuisbezorgd jobs! Here are the main reasons why…

1. Extra cash

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After the holidays, you’ll most likely find your bank account nearly empty. With all the Christmas gifts, traveling and parties with friends, the start of the New Year might be quite challenging money-wise. Therefore, a great way to make sure you have enough money to live your student life to the fullest is getting a job at Thuisbezorgd. Actually, one of the best jobs Thuisbezorgd offers is becoming a delivery rider. In this position, you are paid per hour & keep 100% of the tips that you receive.

2. Thuisbezorgd jobs are a new experience

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While you might think that working as a delivery rider will not benefit your future career, you’re actually wrong. Any part-time job can teach you many useful and new skills that you can add to your CV and mention in your next interview. For instance, working at Thuisbezorgd will teach you cross-cultural communication skills, time-management skills and customer service skills that many employers find useful. Moreover, it’s a great way to meet new people and expand your social circles.

3. Great working environment

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Is getting in shape one of your New Year resolutions? If you choose one of Thuisbezorgd's jobs and become a delivery rider, you can combine getting in shape with earning some extra cash. Delivery riders live an active lifestyle, spend time outdoors (what you might need after long study sessions at the library). and are always on the move. Therefore, this is a dynamic job that will not bore you.

4. Thuisbezorgd jobs have their perks

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All in all, Thuisbezorgd jobs offer many tempting benefits. For instance, you can get a bonus for signing up a friend. Moreover, Dutch is NOT required. This might be an important aspect for many international students. Additionally, other perks include access to quality gear like phone holders, protective clothing, and helmets, as well as discounts at bike stores and restaurants. Moreover, it offers online resources and an active community of riders to get involved with.

5. Things you'll need to become a Thuisbezorgd rider

Starting to work for Thuisbezorgd is very easy. All you need is a bicycle and a smartphone (iPhone 4S and above or Android 4.3 and above). Moreover, you have to be older than 18 (which shouldn’t be a problem for most students).


Go ahead & explore open roles at Thuisbezorgd.


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