What’s the Difference Between Working at a Scale-Up vs. a Multinational Corporation? LinkedIn and bunq Told Us

So you've decided to get to work. You might've heard before that working experiences differ per company. This is even truer if you're comparing two different kinds of companies, specifically a scale-up vs a multinational corporation. LinkedIn and bunq are two of these kinds of companies. Although both are great to work at, one might fit better with your personality and work ethic because of its size and structure. We're going to break down for you what a startup and corporation are and how you can know if it is the place for you.

Image of corporation interview like at LinkedIn for example

LinkedIn is a multinational corporation, what does that mean?

Corporations are companies that typically have existed for a longer period of time and therefore have systems and policies in place. This includes having specific job openings and tasks. Every person in the company has a particular set of responsibilities.

Corporations usually have 500+ people so they are rather large. Specific departments are typically structured within the corporation to make sure responsibilities are clearly divided and overlap is minimized. A board of directors, elected by shareholders, needs to make sure that the corporation's employees are executing its optimal plan of action to ensure financial success. This means that there is a lot of oversight and approval needed prior to a decision being made. Many people like this; many don't.

What is it like working at a corporation like LinkedIn?

Well, though LinkedIn.com is growing into a huge, international company, it tries to stick to its roots. This means making sure employees are always relating back to the core of LinkedIn's mission.

Image of startup like bunq not linkedin

bunq is a scale-up

A scale-up is just what it sounds like, namely, a company that is scaling up and growing. This means it is relatively small compared to multinational corporations and does not have longstanding traditions or systems in place. This can result in your job responsibilities being a combination of a little bit of everything. Scale-ups are usually growing rapidly, often across borders, and can have anywhere from 50-500 employees.

What does this mean? You might get a feel for a lot of different jobs at one time. You might find yourself in charge of finances and marketing because the company is just finally putting fixed systems in place. This means you learn a lot, but also need to be flexible and teach yourself on the fly. Just like corporations, this is appealing to many people and disliked by some others. And that's fine too.

Another aspect of working at a scale-up is that it is a very dynamic and actionable environment. A scale-up is still trying to gain traction and show the world why exactly it belongs among the corporate giants. Employees at scale-ups should share this mentality with the company.

What is it like working at a scale-up like bunq?

For those of you not yet familiar with bunq, it is a banking company that is changing how we manage our money. You can now have one card for all of your bank accounts, whether they're for savings, checkings, pizza deliveries, or a long-anticipated vacation. You can even make group bank accounts with friends and family. Super handy when you're living in a student house, right?

We spoke to the HR Manager at bunq to find out what the work atmosphere is like there. Their work environment can best be described by their key employee qualities: people who are actionable, take ownership of their actions, and are good communicators. bunq is a company looking to grow and spread awareness of its brand so it is looking for people who can "Get Shit Done" with new, great ideas for the bunq brand.

Since bunq is quite small, it aims to make each employee understand what their main contribution is to the total company vision. Therefore, bunq creates individual goals for each employee so that they know what they need to achieve and how they contribute to the success of bunq.

But, why listen to us talk about LinkedIn and bunq when you can hear it directly from them? Here's a brand new College Life exclusive video featuring the HR Managers at LinkedIn Benelux and bunq.

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