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At Shaman, we understand the difficulties that pharma marketers and their sales teams face when it comes to capturing the attention of today's time-constrained Health Care Professionals (HCPs). That’s why we designed the most intelligent sales platform that enables sales teams to conduct conversational, effective presentations. This digital platform allows users to create, manage and distribute content, measures usage and offers insights to improve. Content delivery is supported (offline) for face-to-face meetings, web meetings and email. Shaman is already daily enjoyed by sales teams at 30+ pharma companies around the world.

Shaman is a dutch Startup/ Scale up company, located in Haarlem, with an international team of 6 different nationalities. We have a small business development team in Haarlem from where we connect with pharma companies around the world. Shaman is a technology challenger in a traditional world, with a strong business case for pharma. We need to reach out and share our vision on how to effectively engaging with HCPs in a world where access to HCPs is rapidly declining. We use digital media, social media, advertising, outbound campaigns, events and partnerships to make a mark in this corporate, global playing field. Are you the right person to help us make that happen?

We believe in highly motivated and ambitious people. Shaman is led by two experienced entrepreneurs with +25 years of experience in marketing and sales each, so we will help you with the basics - do take advantage of our knowledge. But, we also challenge you and rely on your independent mind. Show initiative, experiment, make mistakes, evaluate and continue. It's by experimenting and making mistakes that we learn.