Stay Informed in Eindhoven: Top 5 Reasons to Read Eindhoven News

As an international student, you most likely want to become fully integrated in the Netherlands. While your university and student communities are definitely important, being aware of what’s going on in your city is crucial too. You shouldn't hesitate to turn to local news sources in order to stay informed and up to date. However, this may be complicated with a limited knowledge of Dutch. This is why we're introducing a great news source for internationals in Eindhoven: Eindhoven News!

Here are some great reasons why you should read Eindhoven News if you’re an international student in the Netherlands.

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1. Be aware of what’s going on

If you want to become a real Eindhoven native, reading Eindhoven News is a great start. Of course, you might get lots of information from the university on what to do and how to get settled. While that may be great for the first few months you spend here, after a while you might start wanting to dig deeper roots in your town. You might want to find out where can you go and what can you do besides studying. If so, it's a great source to learn about local happenings.

2. Have some great conversation topics

Knowing what’s going on in your city not only helps you not miss some great events, it also gives you some useful topics of conversation. Knowing what the daily talk of the town is will help you if you to make conversation with the bicycle repair guy, your Dutch peers or the barman. The locals will definitely appreciate your interest in Eindhoven's current events.

3. Get to know the international community with Eindhoven News

Eindhoven News is a news source founded by members of the international community and they have been publishing since 2009. The founding team experienced a lack of local information in English and decided to do something about it. Now they have created an international news platform that is available online via their website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If you want to know more about the local international community in Eindhoven, don’t hesitate to contact them.

4. Eindhoven News tailors its information to international people

Eindhoven News selects news that might be interesting for international people in the region and events suitable for non-Dutch speakers. You can also read all kinds of background stories from internationals. They shine a spotlight on a cool bunch of people that can inspire you. If you love writing, you can send in stories yourself.

5. Eindhoven News: a newspaper with a mission

Eindhoven News has a clear mission. They believe that “providing news and information in English will benefit the integration process and will help resident internationals and newcomers to feel at home. This service bridges the gap so that internationals feel more included and connected with colleagues, fellow students, and neighbors.” If you agree, check out their website and start reading local news today!

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