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The interview: Everyone has to do it sometime in their life. Maybe you're really good at it and feel like you have nothing to fear. Maybe interviewing isn't your strong point, and you're a little scared. That's okay. The talent recruitment process can be tricky, so we spoke to bunq to create an interview guide to help you nail your next job opportunity. Keep in mind that companies look for people who will further the company goals and missions, and therefore look for individuals who embody the same core beliefs.

From sending in your CV to getting a job offer, there can be a lot of steps in between. Here's how you can kill it.

1. Show, don't tell

If you have the opportunity to sign up for a trial day, do it! For example, at bunq's trial day for potential employees, called the Get Shit Done Day, bunq gives job candidates the chance to show what they mean with their ideas and their work ethic. This goes for any trial day at any company, a trial day is a chance to show how you work with others and how you can contribute to a dynamic team effort.

Does the company where you're interviewing not have a trial day? No worries! Use examples in your interview or motivation letter of times you've demonstrated aspects that you think are really important for the development of the company goals. Examples show as narrative trial days, where you can demonstrate your expertise instead of telling the interviewer about it. Be as concrete as possible and use numbers.

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2. Be actionable and take ownership

It might be because bunq is a startup, but it's also likely that this characteristic is required at almost any company. To be actionable means you take charge.  Hannah, the HR Manager says, "We want bunqers to get shit done, so be very output and action-driven."

Simply, see how you can help the company, and decide which steps you'll need to take to do just that. If you can demonstrate this in your interview, you'll definitely show a company what you can do for them. For example, after telling the story of one of your previous accomplishments, conclude the story by analyzing a similar problem that company has and how you would potentially help solve it.

3. Think of the company's target audience

This step of the interview guide is about focusing on the target company, not on yourself. A company like bunq is user-driven; the success of the company is highly dependent on user satisfaction, and therefore maximizing this should be a priority. "We exist because our users love what we do. Focus on user-centered thinking. Everything that you do should be focused on, for example, someone using the app." Know what the target audience looks like, what will speak to them and demonstrate that you understand this during your interview. More importantly, show that you understand the ways in which your role contributes to the company's relationship with its target audience. This will show that you, indeed, understand the very core beliefs and vision of that company.

4. Don't be passive

Activity is perhaps one of the most important qualities you can have. From the moment you meet your potential employers, explain to them what kind of actions you'll take to help make the company a success. Show that you won't wait around for instructions or do half of the required work. Show you can think on your feet and come up with unique solutions. bunq, like many other companies, "isn't the kind of place where we hold your hand. It's basically, from day one, this is what we expect of you, and get it done."

If you can show the potential employer that you are indeed the one who will get this done, you will get very far.

Again, the best way through which you can communicate this is by giving concrete examples of past projects during which you showed some initiative. Without forgetting, of course, to provide numbers and stats detailing the impact of your input.

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