Food Delivery Riders: the Next Big Thing for Students?

Food delivery riders. You've probably seen them in every big city and they keep multiplying every month. Through wind, rain, and sunshine, they always make sure to deliver your food right on time. On top of that, they seem to get a great amount of exercise AND they get paid for it!

For this article, we asked the opinions of three experienced Foodora food delivery riders (Tiago, Arthur and Jaroslaw). Though Foodora no longer operates in the Netherlands, these three will give us a breakdown of why they opted for this specific student/side job. Maybe they'll even convince you to pick up your first job as a rider for the company of your choice!

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What do you guys like about working as food delivery riders in general?

Arthur: "I like to exercise and be out in the streets! I also like to see new places and meet new people. It is also an easy job that gives you time to relax and reflect."

Tiago: "There are many things I like about the job apart from the money. I really enjoy the fact I am exercising while working and that I am cycling in such amazing city as Leiden. Where I am from (Brazil), we do not have the best infrastructure, which means that I never really could ride a bike around. Besides the cycling, I also made a lot of new really close friends AND a discovered a great number of new restaurants!"

Jaroslaw: "I really enjoy being able to work out and to make some extra money because as a student we can always use some extra's here and there."


Is there anything you don't enjoy?

Arthur: "Sometimes the weather doesn’t help too much and maintenance of a bike can be expensive as well."

Tiago: "Hmm, nothing that comes to mind straight away."

Jaroslaw: "Only thing for me that can be annoying is bad weather."


How did you come up with this idea?

Arthur: "It was just an opportunity presented to me so I took it!"

Tiago: "It was by accident! I am currently doing a Psychology degree so I was not expecting to start working that soon. However, when Foodora was launching in Leiden, Arthur, my cousin, and one of the current Captains of Leiden, persuaded me to come to a meeting to recruit the first riders. I was not invited but I was welcomed when I arrived and offered a position as well. I am very glad this happened!"

Jaroslaw: "I started noticing more and more people riding around their bikes with these oversized backpacks on their backs and I thought to myself 'how hard can it be?' So I just reached out to Foodora and applied!"


What were your previous student jobs and how do they compare to being a rider?

Arthur: "I used to cook at a restaurant before but standing all day close to the fire is not as pleasant as riding around the city and parks!"

Tiago: "This is my first job so I do not have anything to compare it with."

Jaroslaw: "I have been a food delivery rider since 2016 and prior to that I had no work experience so I also have nothing to compare it with."


Lastly, (why) would you recommend becoming a rider for Foodora or any other food delivery company, to our readers?

Arthur: "If you are looking for a flexible job that allows you to be outdoors and work out a bit then this is it! So yes, I would definitely recommend it."

Tiago: "On top of that, if you would also like to discover some new places to go out for lunch or dinner, this is definitely the job for you. I would also recommend, for sure!"

Jaroslaw: "I do not have much more to add. Working as a rider you will also meet a lot of students as your colleagues, which will allow for new friendships to be formed!"

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