How Being a Food Deliverer Benefits Your CV

It's Friday night and you've planned to go to the late-night screening of Midsommar with your friends. There's only one problem: you're broke. While budgeting and adopting financially responsible reflexes are an option, in some cases, it's easier to just find a job. But to find a job that's flexible and adapted to your little mastery of Dutch? A true novelty five years ago, food delivery apps such as Takeaway have become night-in staples. Delivery Jobs are an easy and practical way to gain some extra money while also shaping your CV. But how?

Highlight the right soft skills

Working in the food industry, though at a first glance does not seem to be either glamorous or cv-embellishing. It can actually arm you with a plethora of skills that will prove helpful in the workplace. The secret to transforming a regular student job like food delivery into an opportunity showcasing your employability is highlighting the right soft skills. If you present convincing arguments during an interview, you can actually demonstrate how you did your best to take full advantage of a job opportunity. 

Here are the 5 skills you can gain while being a food deliverer: 

Food delivery requires speed and adaptability

It's true that these skills are already well developed due to having a courseload and needing to respond to deadlines. However, the urgent nature of having to deliver food while it's still hot can be used to your advantage. It shows that you are constantly able to show up, prioritize and execute tasks no matter the allocated time. The jump from weekly or semester-long deadlines to the urgency of delivering food within 20 minutes is also a sign of adaptability. If there's anything employers value in their future workforce, it's one that is able to remain calm and collected under pressure. 


Food delivery is a puzzle

Another underrated soft skill is the savvy use of memory. The ability to intelligently use your memory is one that often comes in handy when you're out delivering food. Because of the need for quick and efficient delivery, you'll probably end up memorizing the city streets and knowing your way around the city pretty well. That too can be transformed into another asset during an interview. Frame your use of memory as a sign of engagement and initiative. 

Being a food deliverer requires enthusiasm and commitment

Biking in the rain, sleet or snow, requires more than courage. It's a sign of true commitment, one that every hiring officer is dying to see from new recruits. During an interview or in a cover letter, use the outdoor nature of being a food deliverer to your advantage!  Highlight the constant enthusiasm and commitment to a job well done you had, which kept you focused and motivated. 

Food delivery encourages responsibility

The largely independent nature of delivering food means that at the end of the day you are responsible for your delivery. As a food delivery rider, you automatically become a representative of the company when you're out delivering food. To be able to not only handle this autonomy but also remain accountable for your actions shows that you are ready to take on a lot of responsibility. 

Becoming a food deliverer can not only aid you in developing valuable skills. It also benefits your cv by providing a concrete context in which those skills were worked on and developed. The true secret to succeeding at any interview lies in wisely using the tools you have at your disposition. Now that you know which skills to emphasize on and the ways in which you can contextualize them, why not apply for a job? 

Takeaway is a giant in the food-delivery business and is looking for motivated and energetic riders to join their team. Go to College Life Work and apply as a rider for your city.  


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