Succeed in starting your career as a non-EEA student or graduate in the Netherlands.

College Life Accelerate


College Life Accelerate is a program tailor-made for non-EEA students & graduates in the Netherlands. Its mission is to help you succeed in starting a career in your desired industry, field and company size.


"My favorite part of the programme were the tailored fireside chats with mentors, industry experts and recruiters. I used the knowledge provided by the founder in the horticulture industry during an interview to showcase my understanding of the industry itself. Getting the crux of relevant information can be obtained through these fireside chats only as experience matters"




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Can you guarantee that I’ll find a job after attending this programme?

We are confident that we can help you find a job. For this reason, the pricing of the programme is directly associated with your success of receiving a job offer in the Netherlands. However, we cannot directly control the decision of an employer, and thus we cannot guarantee that you will find a job. 

Can I apply for this programme even if I do not hold a Zoekjaar / Search Year Visa?

Yes. You may apply even if you don’t have a Zoekjaar Visa yet.

Can I receive a refund if I don’t don’t get a job after participating in your programme?

Yes, partially. If you don’t find a job within 6 months of this programme, you may request a 40% refund. Terms & conditions apply. 

Can I apply for this programme if I’m an EU/EEA citizen?

Yes. The learning outcomes of this programme are suited for EU/EEA students & graduates alike. 

Is this a government-funded programme?

No. This is a direct initiative of College Life - the hub for international students & graduates.