Source qualified candidates at lightning speed

First candidate within a few hours

Not weeks or days, but hours. Once your position is live, it gets distributed across our channels in real time. Push notifications immedaitely alert potential candidates that are actively seeking your job position's type & location.

first candidate found after posting your jobs on College Life

Niche targeting as a competitive edge

Through College Life Work, you are targeting a niche market of 200.000+ young international students & graduates. This unique strategy gives you a competitive edge above other companies that are tied to conventional recruitment of native-talent in an overcrowded market. Beat your competitors by disrupting traditional barriers such as native-language and location requirements.

Social recruitment as a benchmark

We focus on where the attention of our target audience is. Social channels are thus an indispensable part of your distribution, based on the vast amount of time that students & graduates spend on it. College Life Work leverages this attention by distributing your positions with the right language, to the right channels, at the right time.

recruit candidates for jobs posted on College Life through social media

Discover how Braskem received 16 qualified candidates within 19 days

college life team shows success of one of the customers through a graph


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