Young talent in your company: 6 key benefits

There are obvious downsides to recruiting entry-level workers: they might lack experience or skills and their training can take extra time and energy from the employer. You might also have read some overdramatic articles worrying about the work attitude of the so-called millennials compared to that of the previous generations. The truth is, the young talent of this generation indeed differs from their senior counterparts. But not in the way you would think. Hiring fresh graduates has many benefits that you should know about. Here’s why attracting young talent should be a key goal for your company in 2020.

1. Fresh graduates lower costs

Employing young people costs less, as they tend to have lower salaries than more experienced staff members. And the best thing? They don’t even mind. This generation of workers is often looking for something else than money. They have novel aspirations and values in the workplace so a collaborative and flexible environment might be more important for them than the size of their salary. There are also lower recruitment and advertising costs when hiring young talent. Fresh graduates are already out there looking for opportunities, ready to start work immediately. Your company only has to find the right platform to connect with them.

2. Young workers are flexible and productive

Junior employees can be flexible both in terms of working hours as well as location. They have an optimistic mindset and adapt to change easily. This comes as no surprise since they are not bound by the same responsibilities as their elders. Think about it. Fresh graduates rarely have families of their own and don’t have to worry about a mortgage either. How does this affect their professional life? They can allow themselves to be truly passionate about what interests them and are willing to put in the work to get ahead.

3. Young talent are digital natives

Do we need to say more? If you take a look at the most important traits and skills employers are currently looking for, tech-related competencies are on the top of every list. And this generation of workers is fully literate when it comes to IT. They grew up in a digital environment using computers and smartphones, they know all the hottest apps, and you can bet that they have more followers on social media than any of their teachers or bosses do. Not everyone’s a natural-born talent at programing or data science but this age group definitely has an advantage when it comes to using digital tools.

fresh graduates are digital natives

4. Risk-taking and innovation

As new employees, the young talent has the benefit of being able to think outside the box. They also have less to lose which has a great advantage: they are not afraid to take risks and speak their mind. Those who grew up watching YouTube tutorials to learn new skills every day become proactive and versatile workers. This generation can develop abilities beyond the main ones for their jobs which will bring added value to their company.

5. Opportunity to train and mold talent

You might be wondering: this all sounds nice, but what about all the training young workers need? Would it still be worth it? Here’s the deal. Fresh graduates are still open and shapeable. They don’t have rigid expectations about how things should look like at a workplace or any old habits that they need to challenge. This offers an amazing opportunity for molding new professional talent rather than training ones with previous experience to adjust to new company culture.

6. Diversity of perspectives

Lastly, a point that never gets old. It has been proven many times that diversity benefits business. Similar, to the asset of hiring employees from different cultural backgrounds or multilingual employees, workers of different age groups provide a variety of perspectives and opinions that ultimately contribute to company success. And from a marketing perspective? Employing young talent can also provide important insight to your customer base as young people are current and future purchasers of products and services.

young workers in a meeting

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