Young Entrepreneurs Only Need SEMrush

To be a young entrepreneur is to shape the world. The digital revolution has brought with it countless waves of innovation that spur creativity.  More and more people are looking to disrupt the industries with forward-thinking startups. In tandem, the tools they need to succeed are becoming more accessible. Entrepreneurship is at the tips of everyone’s fingertips.

An essential element of the young entrepreneur’s digital toolkit, SEMrush has changed the digital marketing game. SEMrush offers tools for competitive search engine marketing. Some of the tools they provide are keyword research, site audit and keyword ranking. What started out as an in house digital marketing toolkit has grown into a staple of search engine marketing. With SEMrush you can find and resolve any issues on your website, monitor your website’s performance and improve your website’s SEO. This is key for young entrepreneurs who want to get their foot in the door. Through SEMrush you can hack your website’s way to more customers.

Here are three young entrepreneurs who used SEMrush to their advantage and how it revamped their business.

In Front Webworks

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InFront Webworks is a web development and digital marketing agency based in Colorado. They specialize in creating digital solutions for clients. Though they have been operating for over 20 years and rode the first wave of online businesses, in 2013 they chose to radically grow their SEO department. Like any young entrepreneur, they had to virtually start from scratch.

With SEMrush

The company started by using SEMrush’s toolkit in order to promote transparency with their clients. InFront Webworks was able to illustrate the effect their SEO strategy had on clients by tracking various metrics like backlinks and brand monitoring in SEMrush. They used position tracking in order to select and grow their collection of high visibility keywords. Position tracking allowed them to track their position for certain keywords as well as discover their local competitors.

Blog Hands

Created by a young entrepreneur, Blog Hands provides companies and large businesses with blog content. Crafted by skilled and professional writers, Blog Hands offers marketing and promotional content that alleviates the burden from in-house marketing teams. It’s the perfect combination of the practicality of outsourcing with the quality of a staff writer.

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How SEMrush helped them

When founder Chris Hornak created Blog Hands, he was confronted with the issue of cementing himself in a market that was already overflowing with solutions. He started with organic research in order to get a broad idea of how his website performed over time. By looking at the website’s position trends (how his ranking changed depending on different keywords) and identifying the top landing pages, he could pinpoint what was leading traffic to his website and capitalize on it. This coupled with Position Tracking led to an 80% traffic increase.


Smileworks is a private dental practice in Liverpool. They happen to also be one of the fastest-growing independent dental practices in the UK. Created by young entrepreneur Ed Challinor and Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann in 2014, Smileworks gathers some of the best dental practitioners in Europe and offers both aesthetic and dental treatments as well as featuring cutting edge dental and medical information on their blog.

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Source: Smileworks

How SEMrush changed the game

Smileworks’ integration of SEMrush into their digital marketing strategy changed everything. They started by doing a detailed competitor analysis to see how Smileworks was ranking compared to everyone else. Smileworks realized that compared to their competitors they were only ranking for 4% of their keywords and changed their keyword strategy accordingly. Smileworks also paid attention to content cannibalization, multiple articles which target the same keywords, a frequent occurrence they noticed through SEMrush’s site audit. With SEMrush, their Organic Traffic increased 24 times in a year and their Net Profit Margin by 20%.

As a young entrepreneur, launching your business can be pretty daunting. Luckily, our lean canvas guide is there to help you through the complications of starting a business. Hack your way to growth by taking full advantage of the SEMrush toolkit.

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