Working at Shaman: the Secrets to Success

Ever wonder about the secret to the elusive art of sales? Fascinated by the ease with which marketing departments launch products? Shaman is an app and sales tool providing the magic behind the scenes. Its powerful tools optimize sales meetings in order to make the most of given meeting time. With big name clients like Pfizer or Rabobank, you may not have heard of them but you’re sure to have been influenced by their work. As a promising growing company, working there is a priceless opportunity for recent graduates and students to get a hands-on introduction to diverse fields. Interested in finding out more? College Life sat down with Gabriela, an intern at Shaman to see what working there is really like.

What is the best aspect of working at Shaman?

Gabriela: "Number 1 for me would be the management, I learned a lot from the CEO and CCO of Shaman - Maurice and Erik. Flexibility is definitely number 2, as it is important for a student to be able to work around their schedule. Another important aspect for me is to be listened to when coming up with a new idea of how something [can] be improved, which is something you get at Shaman. Therefore, you are free to explore ways in which you do your job."

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What makes you proud to work at Shaman?

Gabriela: "The product Shaman offers, I find it to be a very useful and intuitive tool on the market. I think this company has great potential at growing big, if they have the right people by their side! (One of which could be you). Another big one for me is the management. Maurice and Erik are very insightful people to observe. They each are very different but complete each other, which gives the opportunity for double the learning experience! They are open to strategy suggestions and appreciate initiative. I think they really put the bar high for my new potential bosses."

How does Shaman support your professional development and career growth?

Gabriela: "Both Maurice and Erik are ready to give genuine and professional advice when it comes to career decisions, which is something I very much appreciate in them. As a student or as a fresh graduate it is confusing to make certain decisions with regards to career choices, especially because of lack of field knowledge. Luckily, both Maurice and Erik have an extensive network which allows them to understand certain areas better and can give insight on a career choice I am considering. I find this priceless!"

Gabriela also touched on some key perks that come with working at Shaman: flexibility and the ease with which the working environment fosters growth.

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There is a reason why flexibility is considered as a form of intelligence. It leads not only to growth but also enables change. A truly flexible environment is hard to fake. Flexibility comes organically and is a major assert for all working environments. Shaman is not only an incredible flexible company but it also encourages all aspects of adaptability. Working days are fluid and are defined by the set number of hours per week. Not only are work schedules mobile and determined per hour and but expectations are goal and project defined. In addition, everyone is allowed to contribute to projects and provide insight and ideas for change. Goals are seen as a common effort where creativity and ingenuity are rewarded and direct changes.

Learning environment

Though this can be considered another aspect of flexibility and flexibility does actively contribute to it, working at Shaman means immersing yourself in a true learning environment. Shaman is defined by the way in which its working environment fosters growth. With an extremely diverse team from all over the world, everyone is ready and open to not only sharing their experiences but enriching the company atmosphere with that shared knowledge. That applies as much to professional as well as life advice. Shaman places a lot of emphasis on working as a community and creating a space where creativity is rewarded. Openness is a foundational aspect of the company. Everyone is invited to promote change and suggest new and innovative ways to achieve goals. It’s a rare opportunity to have a voice that is both heard and meaningful in a professional environment.

You can find out more about Shaman by applying for their open positions on College Life Jobs!

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