Mise en Place Has Perfected the Art of Working with Friends

Finding your place when you’ve just moved to a new country can be hard. It’s very easy to feel like a stranger in your own home, let alone someone else’s. Yes, there are study associations and student associations and integration weeks and clubs and the list go on... Getting a job serves as an anchor both financially and when chosen right, socially. With the right company, atmosphere comes the key to being well integrated in the Netherlands. College Life has taken a closer look at a company that does precisely that: Mise en Place.

Before we get to the meat of the subject, what does working with friends even look like? How is it such a radically different experience than a regular job?

Working with Friends Boosts Productivity

Most of the time, we want the effort energy and time we dedicate to the projects we put our mind to be a worthwhile investment. Working with friends is actually proven to lead to more productivity at work. The presence of people you trust and get along with automatically fosters a collaborative atmosphere. Projects get completed more smoothly because of how fluidly groups work together. Another bonus is that you never stop learning! Feedback comes naturally when you’re working with friends.

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Mental Health and Well-being

University can be incredibly competitive and unfortunately, this carries onto the professional environments we find ourselves in. The pressure to do great often outweighs our personal need for support. Working with friends automatically cancels out competitiveness. If anything, it transforms desires to compete against the urge to compete with. There’s nothing like having a network of people you can trust, supporting you. Working with friends ensures that you don’t let things get away from you; you can stay grounded.

A Deeper Connection to your Work

The search for meaning and purpose is one that obviously bears no fruit in a part-time job. However, working with friends provides the first step toward truly connecting with what you have to offer. Collaborative work environments have been proven to help employees connect more with the work they’re doing. All of a sudden, you’re not a faceless name or a nameless face but a person with a recognizable impact on the structure around you.

How does Mise en Place Promote Working with Friends?

Mise en Place is the leader in hospitality in Europe. Created in Maastricht in 1994, Mise en Place has been involving students and providing them with opportunities for growth for over 20 years. They value a tightly-knit community above everything else.


Mise en Place truly recognizes and implements strategies to increase the benefits of working with friends. They understand that amiable atmospheres and ethics of solidarity lead to a more stable and functional business. Mise en Place has a largely horizontal structure. This means that anybody has the right to comment and improve anything. The jobs given to students are seen as platforms for that student’s later success. This success first takes the form of having the initiative and the space to promote change at Mise en Place. Upward mobility is not only frequent but also encouraged. Students are actively pushed to put themselves in positions of responsibility.

Students Only

Is it really working with friends if you can’t relate to half of your coworkers? Mise en Place makes a point of hiring only students. It’s not only a place of work but also an opportunity to branch out with peers that are going through the same experience, stress, and change. Mise en Place provides an environment in which working with friends becomes literal. Students can ground themselves while learning with and from other students like them.

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Fun Retreats

Mise en place has not only nailed the secret to working with friends but also that to a company people want to work at. They host constant team-building and training workshops because they believe that working with friends is a path to growth. Working at Mise en Place is an opportunity to develop a skill set you didn’t know you had. Their annual football tournament between different offices shows how solidarity is a priority for them.

Mise en Place has truly managed to nail what makes a successful student job experience. They infuse traditional lines of work with an atmosphere that is only conducive to professional growth. Working with friends isn’t just their catchphrase but a core philosophy that is present in all aspects of their organization and management.

Go ahead & explore available jobs at Mise en Place.

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