Top Traits Employers are Looking for Right Now

A lot is left unspoken on a job posting. It may list the skills and years of experience you need to have but companies also look for people with a right combination of qualities. We at College Life teamed up with EMERCE to give you a list of the top traits that will help you get the job you need.

Being data-driven is one of the key features employers are looking for

Data-driven Mind

Data is everything nowadays. It allows us to find patterns and trends in people's behavior. What shapes their choices? What are their preferences? How can you approach them more effectively? No decision-making process in any company should be accidental and based on an assumption – it should always be based on hard data!

Each of our partner companies is familiar with using data, most notably LinkedIn. It’s exactly what allows you to know how to differentiate between candidates and what skills are needed for a certain job. The departments that are the most prominent users and collectors of data are marketing, sales or product management/design. If you’re planning to pursue a career in any of these fields you will probably deal with data.


Company culture is rapidly changing right now. We are increasingly moving from a bunch of yes-sayers with a manager to agile teams of passionate specialists. On top of various qualifying traits, managers expect proactivity to be at the very top.

What exactly does it mean to be proactive? It means speaking your mind and not being afraid to put your ideas forward. It also means being brave enough to take your vision and plans to the top management. It’s not just working to complete the tasks given to you by your boss. It’s finding out new ways you can contribute towards the company’s growth.

Being proactive should not be limited just to your employment. You should show it from the very beginning, which means during the recruitment process. While the “Easy Apply” might seem convenient, you need to show more engagement to land a job. That means not only adjusting each cover letter and resume to a specific position. Most importantly, it’s all about reaching out to the source – contacting the recruiter or even the department head. Some job postings on LinkedIn show you the job poster, which gives you the opportunity to send an email. In other cases, do your research – it will be worth it.

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The Right Attitude

Companies of today look for hard-working individuals who are not afraid to put in the effort to succeed. They do not want slackers or simple task-doers. What they want are people who will help their company grow. Today's companies are ready to provide you with great facilities but they also want you to work hard, contribute and give back. This involves showing top traits like leadership skills and the ability to work harder to make good decisions on behalf of the company.


Today’s workplace is a demanding one. Every day brings about new challenges and you are expected to enter the workforce with a strong set of skills within your field. However, it’s also good to demonstrate some additional skills. For example, a marketer may specialize in creating promotional campaigns but they also need to know a bit about the content or social media. It makes the company work smoothly as people are able to give each other feedback.

A strong belief in their mission

Companies with a very sharp set of values and a well-defined mission such as bunq or Accenture are growing in both size and number. But to ensure sustainable growth these businesses need a team of devoted individuals that are willing to work hard. To ensure that, their employees have to believe in what their company stands for. And so do you! Businesses not only look for qualifications and experience. They also look for people that fit their internal culture. You set the tone for how your company is viewed by others. Ultimately, if you believe in your company’s mission, you will be a happy and motivated employee in the long term. It's one of the top traits to keep in mind. No money, flashy position, reputation or other benefits will ever replace that!

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