Thuisbezorgd Aims to Foster a Unique Positive Work Environment and It’s Working

Each company is unique. Companies are founded for various reasons by innovative people who have different visions and goals. That's why companies adopt different hiring processes to make sure their employees match their mission. Employees play a huge role in shaping a company's work atmosphere. Thuisbezorgd - or - knows this, and therefore they're encouraging positive vibes to maximize productivity and succeed at talent recruitment.

So how exactly do employees define the success of a company? Think about it like this: when employees are happy, they're also happy to work hard. Disgruntled employees tend to care less, leading to a lower productivity, and more mistakes. If you work for a company that you love and are proud of, you're more likely to work hard to keep it afloat.

Happy employees, happy company, right?

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Thuisbezorgd gives people a reason to smile

Your mood is contagious. If you're having a bad day, others will feel it, and that might put a damper on other employees. Thuisbezorgd is giving their employees reasons to smile every day by offering them awesome, dynamic work environments in an exciting and fast-paced company.

For example, Thuisbezorgd has some of their offices in the best locations. Their employees don't need to travel too far and don't mind heading to work. Not bad, right? The company also claims that although it's already a multinational corporation, it still feels like a start-up. Employee roles are created so that everyone's full potential is realized. Employees can observe the immediate impact they're making on the company and this encourages them to work harder.

Encouraging trust

Thuisbezorgd's main tactic is trusting their employees. Giving them the responsibility to make certain choices makes them more willing to work hard and gives them the ability to grow. Thuisbezorgd has faith that its employees will make the right decisions, even though they sometimes don't. There is the strong belief that they'll learn and never make the same mistake again.

This also creates trust between employees, not just between managers and subordinates. If you believe everyone is putting their heart and soul into their work, you'll trust them. And you'll follow suit. Asking people to do things requires less oversight and monitoring and therefore feels less suffocating. This also uses up fewer management resources.

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Weekend getaway, anyone?

To get employees to bond and to treat them for all their hard work, Thuisbezorgd often organizes trips and parties. This goes hand in hand with enhancing trust between employees. Moreover, going on a trip together lets the company hierarchy disappear for a few days, making everyone feel equally valued. The company apparently has an annual ski trip and an annual huge beach bash. They had me at the beach bash.

Every day, fresh fruit is bought for the office because who can work properly without enough vitamins? If you're not yet convinced that Thuisbezorgd is a great place to work at: they have weekly Friday drinks with the office! Who doesn't like that?

Working in an enjoyable office environment is a mutual benefit and a part of employer branding. It helps the company develop while also benefiting the employees. Employees feel valued, healthy, and special in their own way. As everyone is happy, the company does, indeed, thrive. Thuisbezorgd is a prime example of what it is like to work in a nurturing office environment.

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