Is Teaching Your Employees New Skills Really Worth the Investment?

With every investment a company makes, the aim is to maximize profit. Teaching employees new skills is no exception to that rule. Some critics may say that employees should focus on their daily tasks and be the least distracted as possible.

However, learning new skills is a crucial improvement for the employee's career, the company's future and the strengthening of its employer branding. Let me break it down for you.

Learning new skills in a group

New Skills Mean New Tools for Improved Performances

Throughout our lives, we are constantly learning new skills in order to improve ourselves, whether it is in school or during our extracurriculars. Why should we stop once we've reached adulthood? Although hiring managers already look for the most adequate and skilled people when hiring new employees, this doesn't mean that once they are hired they can't improve themselves. Providing your current employees with a new set of tools through workshops and training will improve their performance. They will find new ways to tackle the same problems and gain knowledge that allows them to broaden their horizons within the company! Moreover, acquiring new skills will also let your staff gain motivation and self-confidence, which will boost productivity.

As the saying goes: just because something works, doesn't mean it can't be improved!

New Skills Get You Ready for Progress

Often, the acquisition of a new set of skills shows we are ready for the next step in our lives. This can also be reflected in our careers. By offering your staff the opportunity to improve themselves, you will also offer them the opportunity to explore their personal careers. This, in turn, will not only improve their quality of work but also the overall performance of the entire company. Moreover, your employees will gain confidence and strive for progress within the company. Instead of looking for a higher position elsewhere, your employees will be grateful for the opportunities you've provided them. With these new skills at hand, they are ready for a possible promotion and expansion of their tasks.

Give and Take

As a last, and possibly most important, point, offering this chance to your staff might drastically improve the internal dynamics of the company. On the one hand, by offering workshops, (online) courses, language lessons and training to your staff, you automatically offer a small form of team building as well. Colleagues get to spend time together in a different setting than their usual work environment and get to develop their skills.

On the other hand, by investing in your staff through classes, you show that you both respect them and value their worth. This shows that you are willing to offer them new possibilities and see potential in them. By doing so, you are creating mutual respect and increasing performance quality. You will challenge your staff in a healthy and positive way without forcing them into it. Given that the workshops and training would be on a voluntary basis, they could choose whether to accept the challenge or not.

Learning new skills can be easy

In general, learning new skills can always be seen as an improvement, despite if it is a large one or not. The same goes for business and human resources: it is always important to keep investing in your people. Some employees are diamonds in the rough and simply need some polishing to shine!

If you're not ready to teach your employees new skills and are still in the hiring stage, learn more about talent recruitment in our complete guide.

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