5 Ways to Improve as a Talent Acquisition Manager

It's no secret: the job market is highly competitive. Especially if you're a firm looking for highly-skilled employees who might have dozens of companies to select from. This is why it's important to maximize your strategy as a talent acquisition manager. Only then can you be highly effective without using up a lot of your HR budget.

Maintaining a competitive edge with your talent acquisition strategy is crucial. At College Life, we aim to support you in finding the best people for your company. We've decided to compile five key ways to improve your talent acquisition strategy in 2022.

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1. Use digital channels as a talent acquisition manager

Technology and the internet have become the go-to media for connecting with people.  Talent acquisition is no exception. It is important to find out which technological channels are attracting your best and most talented applicants. Is it social media, email lists, job boards, or LinkedIn? By optimizing one (or a few) of these channels, you can reduce overhead acquisition costs and most efficiently attract talent to your company. Furthermore, instead of only looking at how channels have performed in the past, try to predict how channels will perform in the future. If LinkedIn, for example, is expecting to introduce a new feature or grow significantly in terms of users, maximize your LinkedIn acquisition strategies.

2. Adopt a unique employer brand

People who are seeking work are looking for mutuality. This means that they will be drawn to a company that provides benefits for them. The company should also appeal to their morals, interests, and work ethic, all of which are a part of the Employee Value Proposition. Therefore, through employer branding, it's important to show potential employees what the company has to offer and how exactly individuals looking for a job can contribute to its success. Job candidates are more likely to respond to job openings that are personalized and make them feel like they're needed. Your candidates will be more interested and invested if they connect with your message.

3. Invest in SEO and Marketing

Online marketing goes hand-in-hand with the digitization of the hiring process. Your attempts at talent acquisition will be futile if your job postings aren't getting any traffic. Since most people today find jobs online, invest in classes on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing! This means appearing on the first page of Google, popping up in related searches, etc. You'll learn how to get traffic to your job openings and thus the get most responses.

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4. Stop focusing on CV requirements

Remember how a few years back there were no smartphones? Our world is changing at such a high speed that it's impossible to predict where your company will be in the near future.

Therefore, don't focus only on someone's previous work experience, certifications, or education. Of course, these are important but they shouldn't act as a cutoff in the hiring process. Why? Because CV specifics aren't going to tell you who is going to fit best with your current team. Also, a CV is in no way able to predict someone's ability to bring the best and most revolutionary ideas to the table.

Try to stay flexible in your talent recruitment. See how the potential candidate works in a group. See if they're an alternative thinker that will bring your company another step forward. The global market is in constant flux. It's important to have employees who can help your company stay flexible.

5. Focus on a healthy work environment

Happy employees mean a better company work ethic and thus a more productive and successful firm. When people like their job and their work environment, they tell their friends and family and maybe even share it on social media. This means your company gets more exposure to other candidates with similar interests and (likely) a similar work ethic. Basically, it's an automatic filter that works in your favor.

This will increase your reach as a talent acquisition manager, leading to more applications and thus a potentially higher hire rate.

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