Great Study Places: 5 Locations That Aren’t the University Library

It’s exam week and the library is jam-packed with students studying. There are no seats left even if you wanted to study there. Fortunately, the library isn’t the only great study place for students. Switching up your study space can improve productivity and increase enjoyment. So, perhaps it’s time to venture outside of the library walls. Bad study locations will cause you to procrastinate all day. Meanwhile, good study locations will ensure that you can finally finish your assignment. Take advantage of good study space options to develop some great study habits.

Other University Buildings

The university extends beyond the classrooms and the library. There are many other buildings with rooms available for studying that most students don’t know about. These study locations are great because you’re away from the distractions of your bedroom but are still in a disciplined environment. It’s better than the library because you’re evading the hoards of students entering for the first time all year.

It’s time to investigate your university.

Cafés: Charming Study Places

cafe study locations

The benefit of studying in a café is you’re able to enjoy a snack and sip on a cup of coffee while you study. There are plenty of café's that offer quiet and tranquil environments. Or, if you prefer background noise/music, you’ll find that too! Gaze upon a dreamy canal or look out onto the pavement. Cafe studying gives you the flexibility to mix things up. Go out and test different ones near you to find the one which works best for you.

A Bookstore is a Perfect Study Place

What better study place than in a bookstore surrounded by inspiring books? Some bookstores have tables and chairs or even a small coffee bar with couches for enjoying a cup of coffee and reading.

Study Partner’s House

While your own home may be too distracting to study in (the bed is just a few footsteps away for example), a study partner’s house may be the perfect compromise. This provides the comforts of being in your own home (no other students around, the kitchen is close, and you can wear your pyjamas). Meanwhile, your study buddy still holds you accountable so you don't slack off. Together you keep each other focused.

Outside (if the Weather’s Nice)

study locations outside

This one depends largely on the season and the day. If, however, the weather is nice then studying outside can be a great option. Parks offer shade and sunshine. Studying outdoors can also make you feel more connected to the world. This helps with focusing and reduces feelings of isolation, especially when you spend the day monotonously studying.

Public libraries are go-to study places

If libraries are just your thing, then perhaps try your local public library. Students, especially those living in university towns, tend to never venture into the mythical public libraries that do indeed exist. These are often less crowded than the university library and offer a similar experience. A particularly nice public library is the KB, the National Library of the Netherlands.

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