6 Student Jobs You Don’t Need Experience For

Getting a student job might seem intimidating, mostly for those who are just getting started. The competition for students is very high. University cities are filled with hardworking people who need to make some extra money. In Holland, it can get more difficult for students who don’t speak Dutch but still need a part-time.

But don’t fret, even if it might seem like there aren’t many choices and the application process is endless. In fact, there are multiple options for anyone who wants to get some money with flexible hours and get a foot in the working world.

Here are six student job opportunities, even for those who have never worked before:

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1. Customer Care

A popular student job is customer care. Working at a call centre can be very flexible. You will be trained to greet the customers and you can choose the working hours that best suit you and your university schedule. With the high amount of international people in Holland, call centre pursuit people who speak English, and sometimes an extra language. It is a great way to get some money and still be able to enjoy the student life to the fullest.

2. Retail

Retail is a number one choice for anyone without any experience, mostly during the holiday season (Christmas) and for the summer period. Places such as Primark, Zara and grocery shops need help with the high amount of customers flooding their shops. They welcome any extra hands to give customers a great experience.

Some might require some previous experience, the truly desperate shops will gladly train someone new. Not only you would get the chance of working with people, but the shop manager will be able to train you properly and teach you all the secrets and the skills required to be the best at your job.

Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam give more options to international students: they are highly internationalised cities and, mostly in Amsterdam, shops are filled with foreigners that need help in different languages.

3. Fast Food Joints

Love them or hate them, fast food restaurants can be the place to learn new skills and start a perfect student job. Joints like McDonald’s give opportunities to untrained students and they provide full training and manageable working hours. Although it might not be appealing to everyone, you learn to move fast, work under pressure and gain skills which can translate to another part-time job, or a future career.

4. Employment agencies

Agencies such as Young Capital and Susan Cater can help students find their perfect first job. You can tell them your skills and the languages you speak, and they find jobs that best fit your personality. There is no stressful job search, and the diverse types of positions provide people with a variety of useful knowledge and are never repetitive or boring.

5. Driver

Restaurants need drivers to bring their food to the people. Mostly in Holland, it is easy to get a bike and become a driver for apps such as Foodora, Deliveroo, and Thuisbezorgd. They don’t require any previous experience; you just need to know how to ride a bicycle or drive a car. The hours are flexible and ideal for students. In addition, Dutch is not required as a first language in order to become a driver for these apps. The only downside might be having to smell the amazing food without actually being able to eat it!

6. Tutor

Lastly, tutoring is always an option. Both students and working adults want to master a new language, either for pleasure or for work, and you can make some extra money tutoring others in your native language. You don’t need any experience: your knowledge of the language is enough to get you some extra money as a tutor, mostly for other fellow students who are desperate to travel and need some tips. Not only you get a start in a working environment, but you can meet new people and learn from their culture as well.

There are endless options out there for you to strive and find the job that fits you best. Also, check our guide for finding a student job here.

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