Stay Safe: Use Student Contents Insurance the Right Way

Something many students don’t think about or choose to procrastinate on is insurance. Sure, health insurance is at the top of everyone’s list but what about student contents insurance? Not to scare you or anything but students are a likely target when it comes to burglaries. Going out for long hours and forgetting to lock the windows are among the mistakes a lot of students make. Maybe when you were living in dorms during your first year, you didn’t think about this too much. But when reality kicks in in 2nd and 3rd year, you start getting more serious.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel safe! There are plenty of tips for burglar-proofing your home, but more on that later. What’s important is that you know about student contents insurance otherwise known as home contents insurance. It’s a must to insure your personal belongings and prepare yourself. Want to read more? Let’s get into it.

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Property vs Contents

Property insurance is insurance for the actual shell of your home: that means the foundation, walls, roof, and garden of your home. As a student, you are probably not a homeowner so this isn’t really for you. However, contents insurance is relevant for anyone living in student halls or rented properties. With home contents insurance, you are basically insuring your personal items. With many insurers, you can be compensated in the event of a fire, flood, or burglary.

What should I insure with student content insurance?

The general rule of thumb that many people use is to insure the things that you would take if were you to move house. This really depends on what you find valuable and what you are willing to cover. So, you could technically insure all your belongings but here’s a list of the most important things:

  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • TV
  • Other electronics like cameras, music devices, etc.
  • Jewelry and heirlooms
  • Clothes and expensive items
  • Printer
  • Books (especially if you spent a small fortune on textbooks)
  • Expensive kitchen items like blenders
  • Furniture
  • Bikes
  • Musical instruments

You obviously own things like bedding, toiletries, makeup, and other kitchenware. It’s up to you (or your insurer) whether you want to insure these things or not.

If you have anything over €1000, these are at the greatest risk for burglary and should be insured! This could be a laptop or TV, for instance. You also have to check with your insurer because not all of these items might be on their policy lists!

If you are prone to accidents or are just naturally clumsy, you could also get accident insurance. Basically, if you drop your phone down the stairs (or into the toilet), you could be insured for this.

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Get student contents insurance with FBTO

FBTO has a great student contents insurance plan! With FBTO, you can insure your belongings for up to €35,000. You are insured for damages by fire, water, theft, and burglary. The great things about insurance with FBTO is that you can customize your insurance package yourself. So, if you want to insure some things but not others, you can totally do that. You can also add additional insurance, like outdoor insurance. For example, you might bring your laptop with you to class every day and with outdoor insurance, the things that you bring with you outside your house are insured too. Go check FBTO out if you are looking for great student contents insurance!

Tips for making your home safe(r):

  • 1 in 3 break-ins are due to unlocked doors and windows. So, make sure to lock your doors peeps!
  • Get extra locks if you want to go the extra mile
  • If you live on the ground floor, don’t leave anything under the windows that people can use to climb in or lever themselves up with
  • Don’t leave valuables in plain sight, like laptops by the window
  • Consider getting a house alarm
  • Put timers on your lights when you leave the house
  • Don’t put bank statements into the bin. Rather, shred them or keep them.
  • Take photos of your valuable things and write down serial numbers of electronics so that you can track them down if they get stolen
  • And take valuables with you when you go on long trips or travel back home


Hopefully, you've learned a bit more about keeping your belongings (and yourself) safe. Having student contents insurance is always a good idea, so keep that in mind next time you are browsing insurances!

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