Brand Spotlight: What’s so cool about Coolblue?

One of the largest e-commerce companies in the Netherlands and the fastest growing in the Benelux region, Coolblue is known among giants like Sarenza or You’ve probably already heard of them or walked past one of their stores. You’ve probably also heard about the back-breaking and exhausting work conditions that Amazon’s warehouse workers are confronted to. Coolblue is a brand that's about as far from that as you can get. Not only are they the place to go for your household appliances, electronics and technology but they are also a cool brand: boasting a philosophy that puts people first.

Getting to know the Coolblue brand

Coolblue was actually created by a group of friends. Ever since its inception, there has been a seamless blend of enterprise and camaraderie. Above all, they fully integrate professionalism with informality. Coolblue promotes an atmosphere where people are the heart and soul, the driving mechanism of the company. This naturally leads to a more relaxed working environment for employees and a casual and welcoming relationship with consumers. In addition, they place a huge focus on the company’s culture. Coolblue as a brand wants to stay a family of ambitious go-getters who know how to translate their ambition into next level productivity. Despite its rapid growth, they keep 4 core values at the center of everything they do.

coolblue friends core value


The 4 core values of the Coolblue brand


Extra-ordinariness is very hard to define. Is it the fact that their delivery is beyond impressive and their return service effective? For Coolblue, being unconventional goes beyond providing a great customer experience. Everything is personal. People bring their personalities and expertise no matter their job position. Being unconventional is about interactions where every voice is heard.  They don’t forget that companies are made up of people and choose to celebrate the innovation that comes with the uniting of strong-willed individuals. Everyone is passionate and truly believes in what they’re doing.


Coolblue understands the power of adaptability, not only to the customer but also its environment. Adaptation is one of their core strengths. They are constantly looking for ways to become more flexible and finding changes in that flexibility.

Going for gold

The Coolblue brand can also be defined by a basic oxymoron: simply amaze. This core contradiction shows the passion at the center of everything they do. It’s all about providing extravagance in the mundane, finding a boring idea and infusing it with life and constant ingenuity. Simply amaze is also a reflection of Coolblue’s pragmatic approach to everything. They are go-getters who believe that good things come fast. Speed is not the antithesis of quality but lack of passion is. Going for it means something else for Coolblue. It means considering progress as a series of small realizable steps that accumulate into fundamental changes.

going for it with coolblue


What defines a friend? Some who’s trustworthy, who you feel open and understood with? Someone honest that tells things the way they are? When Coolblue says they are a bunch of friends working together, they mean it. They view these defining aspects of friendship as cornerstone values to be engaged with and emulated in all they do. This means always being there for their customers, providing quality support and products to ensure their satisfaction. But this also means that they respect their suppliers and everyone that contributes to their production line. Business isn’t just business for Coolblue, it’s both a partnership and a connection that recognizes the individual in each step of the way.


Of course this mindset along with the other core values affect the company’s internal culture! The Coolblue brand incarnates the promotion of equality. Everyone has the right to promote change and contribute to the evolution of the company regardless of job title or position.

Now that you know more about Coolblue, head over to their website!

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