Sophomore Dilemma #1: 20 Signs That You Picked the Wrong Major

Studies have shown that many high school graduates often pick the wrong major. This is because often, the only reason they enroll in a university is due to their parents' desire for them to be there. There is not only parental pressure but also peer pressure. For example, you might go to a university just to be with some of your best friends. Usually, you later realize that you are in the wrong major and by the time you do realize (sophomore year), it might be too late. As the first article in the "Sophomore Dilemma Series", this article will help you find out whether you've selected the right major.

Sophomore Dilemma #1: The top 20 signs you picked the wrong major:

1.  Waking up in the morning is torture for you. If you could, you would actually prefer to be in bed all day.

2. Daydreaming all the way in classes. No matter what the lecturer says, their words go in one ear and out the other.

Images of sophomore dilemma series #1

3. Whenever you are in class, your eyes wander to the clock, silently wishing all of it to be over.

4. The only time you are happy is once class is over.

5. You only show up to mandatory classes. If you could, you would definitely NOT show up.

6. You don't even remember what classes have...(the picture below is a forget-me-not flower)

forget me nots in a field

7. What about your lecturers? Forget it, you don't even know their names.

8. When you don't do an assignment because you are the last to know that you have an assignment.

9. You are okay with not doing your assignments. Even if you end up doing them, you don't know how to do them anyway.

10. You "wing it" for almost every exam.

Image of student doing exam

11. When exam results are out and you have a below average grade, you don't feel bad about it whatsoever.

12. When you have group projects, you are the laziest one in the group. You don't even feel like showing up to your group meetings.

13. When the books you have in your bookshelf are not your course books. (the Metabarons is a Sci-Fi series)

image of metabarons book series

14. When you are already in year 3 and you don't even know what you're going to do later.

15. All of the people in your faculty don't really know who you are because they rarely see you.

16. Whenever someone asks you how's university life, you don't know what to answer.

Images of sophomore dilemma series #1

17. You start to get into the type of work that doesn't relate to your major at all.

18. In your heart, there's that small thought of "If I had chosen that major instead of this..."

19. When you are trying to find excuses that justify switching your major. Starting from the "bad" lecturers, non-friendly classmates, to material being too hard to understand. Any excuse will do.

20. You have no reason to go to classes until now.

sophmore burnt out smoking outside

So there you have the sophomore dilemma of picking the wrong major. If you feel like you have 3 to 5 things from the signs above, then maybe you're in the wrong major. Or maybe you are just bored. But, if you have 10 to 15 of the signs above, then the question you should be asking yourself is "Why am I still here?" Maybe you should have thought things through when you were a freshman!


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