Rotterdam100: Where talent meets opportunity

The yearly Rotterdam100 is just around the corner, and like last year, this edition looks as promising as it ever has. Just like every year, Rotterdam100 thrives to bring together talented and ambitious youngsters with the right opportunities. Not only do they make it their mission to kickstart young internationals' careers, but also to make the city of Rotterdam benefit from it. For those who are new to Rotterdam100, here's a short breakdown of what it's all about.

The slogan of rotterdam100

What is Rotterdam100?

Simply put, this yearly event thrives to introduce young talent to the corporate world through one big challenge: become part of the Next Economy. Our world is facing new crises every day, whether it be endless refugee streams or a lurking economic crisis. Rotterdam100 thrives to attack these challenges head first by being part the Next Economy, which should bring new and innovative solutions to these problems. These solutions may contain developments in robotics, clean energy or open source innovation.

Every year, companies can join Rotterdam100 and be referred to as the so-called "challengers". The challenge to the young participants is simple yet extremely hard: come up with an idea or concept which should take the challenger to the Next Economy. Success stories have proven that if successfully presented, your innovative idea might land you a spot at companies such as ABN AMRO or ENGIE.

Who's behind Rotterdam100?

Rotterdam100 is not only just for young graduates or students, it is organized by them as well. One of the event's leading partners is SMO (Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming), existing of both experts in the business and development field and a student board. This specific student board plays a key role in organizing the yearly event and disposes over the right know-how to assist you with any possible questions. Furthermore, Rotterdam100 is also backed up by leading figures ranging from the mayor of Rotterdam to corporate heavyweights from ABN AMRO and Unilever.

Lastly, the event also disposes of a set of ambassadors with positions from all possible fields within the business and corporate realm, providing the most extensive and sought after feedback.

Application and program

In a first instance, it is important for you to read over the requirements in order to send in your application. You have to match the profile of one of the following boxes:

  • a student from a research-oriented university or a university of applied sciences in The Netherlands
  • a young professional with less than five years of professional experience
  • a bachelor 2+ student

Once the requirements met and the application sent, you will shortly be notified whether or not you make it to the next rounds. These next rounds will determine whether you will make it to the selected group of young adults.

Lastly, if you are part of the lucky bunch, you will receive a busy yet exciting timeline. You will get to visit leading companies, get trained by business leaders and experts, and eventually, create your own product or business idea.

Make sure to make enough space on your calendar since the entire procedure will span over a good two months!

The agenda of Rotterdam100

College Life

Here at College Life, we have many goals, one of them is offering endless opportunities to (international) students all over the Netherlands. We pride ourselves on providing young adults guidance and knowledge in a variety of fields, whether it be student financing, housing or even travelling. When we came across Rotterdam100, we could not let the opportunity of promoting such an event go by. As it aligns with our personal goals, it is important to spread the word and collectively help build a better future (for both students and the rest of the world)!


You have an innovative mind, you are ambitious and you meet the criteria set by Rotterdam100? Make sure to join the event and become part of the Next Economy! 

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