Remote Work is Perfect for International Students

At some point, countless alcohol-fueled nights need to fund themselves. Student life, though immensely entertaining and offering a wealth of experiences, adds an unexpected financial burden to the frugal student’s budget. This, of course, isn’t the case if, unlike many international students, you somehow have mastered the impenetrable secrets of Dutch and found a regular part-time student job. Remote work offers itself up as the perfect solution for the international student in need of a budgetary pick me up.

Why you Should Start Looking for Remote Work

Ultimately Flexible

Remote jobs have the ultimate advantage of being extremely flexible. You can set your own hours and prioritize your tasks in any way that you see fit. The fact that your job can blend in so seamlessly with your lifestyle makes remote work the perfect solution for university students by working in their home office. It’s the natural extension of the freedom that defines the university experience. Depending on the position, you might need to have team calls but even those can be made to fit perfectly into your schedule.

remote work in a cafe

Priceless Experience

Remote work is the perfect combination of the flexibility of a part-time student job with the experience that comes with most entry-level positions. By getting doing remote work, you’re not only boosting your CV but also getting a priceless opportunity to explore your fields of interest. You have the opportunity to make of this job what you will.

Take Responsibility

With remote work, you have the freedom to take as much responsibility as you want. Without having to handle office politics, you can take initiative! If you want to take on more, you can adapt your program to your lifestyle. The innate flexibility of remote work makes it the perfect stepping stone for your future projects.


Remote work can be a productivity life-saver. You don’t need to commute which saves you in travel time and costs. On top of that, you get to define your working environment. Are you more focused in bed with a cup of tea or in a cafe lunching on some snacks? Whatever works for you is best.

Types of remote work

Inspired to find remote work? These are the main jobs and fields that are actively searching for remote workers.


A skilled proofreader and lover of words? Then editing is for you! Companies are often looking for freelance or remote editors to clean up their content and make it ready for publishing. You can work on anything ranging from academic essays to regular blog content.

Social Media Management

With the age of the Instagram influencer comes the time of the social media manager. Social media has become an integral part of every business marketing strategy. If you’re great at curating a feed, responding to comments and growing on social media platforms then this one is for you.

remote team meeting up for group call


Content is another pillar of the online economy which means that writing jobs are more than abundant. Like for editing, the nature of the content can span from ghostwriting essays or novels to copywriting ads. Remote writing is perfect for those with both a quick wit and fast fingers.


More and more software and IT jobs are being rendered remote. The tech industry lends itself perfectly to remote work and coding is no different. Help launch a new app or revamp someone’s website, the opportunities are endless.


Teach a language, math or other skills by becoming an online tutor! Though this is not as flexible as the other options, it’s definitely more rewarding.

Challenge yourself through remote work to develop a sustainable rhythm and structure. Having a part-time job as a student can be intense. Luckily, remote work is a compromise between satisfying your financial needs and remaining a functional student.

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