Why studying in Holland is the best decision you’ll ever make

Dutch universities have long been the top destination for international students- and for a reason! Studying in Holland comes with more pros than it does cons. In terms of rankings, Dutch universities have always held their places among the top 20 in Europe. Not to mention, they even hang out on with the top 100 in the world! But it’s not just rankings that prove that studying in the Netherlands is the bomb-dot-com; we’ve managed to boil it down to 5 reasons why studying in Holland is the best, and we are sure you will agree with us 100%.

An international’s dream

There are over 80,000 international students studying in Holland. 80,000, you say?! That means there are students from countries all over the world; this is going to change your life. On every boat trip down every canal, or at every cheese tasting event (that probably exists, right?) you will find an international student or two. There are over 1,500 courses taught in English, which means there is a huge variety of courses international or English-speaking students can choose from. In addition to this, almost 95% of Dutch inhabitants speak English. That makes it a bit easier for non-speaking Dutch students to get around during their first few months in Holland.

Image of city studying in Holland

Studying in Holland means affordable study costs

In comparison to, say, Great Britain or the United States, tuition fees in thte Netherlands are relatively affordable. This is because Dutch higher education is subsidised by the Dutch government. Combined with the renowned education system, studying in Holland will really give you value for your well-spent money. In addition, the Netherlands offers numerous scholarships to help with tuition fees and student living; you can find out more about them on our scholarship pages!

Student financing and allowances

Speaking of tuition fees, one great thing about studying in the Netherlands is that you can apply for student financing. If you meet the requirements, you are eligible for tuition fee loans, student travel, and maybe even a supplementary grant! And when it can´t get better, it does: not only can you apply for student finance, but you can also apply for allowances. This goes for health insurance allowance and housing allowance. What a great time to be an international student in a Dutch world!

Students studying in Holland

Practice + theory = a balance made in heaven

Dutch universities have been known to be some of the most innovative and modern institutions in the world of education. And that’s saying something! A lot of universities have their eye set on teamwork, meaning you will probably have a lot of team projects or presentations. Which is a good skill to learn for the future, right? And, as a bonus, tutorials and seminars usually contain around 15-30 students. A small class means stronger student-professor relations and a focus on working together. Furthermore, diving head-first into detail in small seminar groups means better learning and understanding, of course. In some universities, your course might even offer a period for internships; a superb time to put your well-studied knowledge into action!

Holland, the gateway to travel

Being a country in central Europe, Holland has all the makings for the perfect gateway to travel. Cities like Paris, Berlin, Brussels or Luxembourg are literally a train ride away. Not to mention all the great spots you can visit with just a map and your bike, all within the Netherlands! There are great airline deals you can find for weekend trips with friends and airlines usually fly directly to Amsterdam airport. Studying doesn’t limit itself to hours spent cramming in the library; live a little and go travel while you have the chance! What’s more, there might not be a place better than the Netherlands when it comes to easy and accessible biking routes. In every city and every town you will be able to bike, which is also the cheapest mode of transportation. Cost? Zero.

Image of traveling while studying in Holland

If these 5 reasons to study in Holland aren’t enough to either have professing your love to Dutch education or sending in your application A.S.A.P., then we don’t know what is. There are so many reasons why studying in the Netherlands is great, from being international student friendly to having innovative course-designs. In the end, it all comes down to experience: an international’s experience in a Dutch university can be one of the best in Europe, dare us even say the world!

What is your top reason for studying in Holland? Join the conversation in the comments.