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 [ 20/10/2022 @ online ]

Connect with decision makers

Build meaningful connections with the exact individuals that will make a decision about your application. This will allow you to get a complete understanding of your fit with the university, parallel to a firm grasp of the entire application process and critical expectations that you must meet in order to get accepted.

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Winning a scholarship with qs

$5.8 million in full-time scholarships

Attending this event will allow you to access scholarships with a total worth of $5.8 million. So yes, there are plenty of opportunities for you to have a slice of the pie and succeed in applying for financial aid provided by QS. Find out more about scholarships you are eligible for.

Get personal with one-on-one meetings

Less noise, more focus. That's what the one-on-one meetings will allow you to achieve by helping you answer specific, personal questions that you might have thought about for months. Stop searching for generic answers online, and get specific answers at your individual meetings.

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