Startups: Pros, Cons and Why You Should Work at One

Working for a startup can be one of the most rewarding and, to be frank, awesome experiences you can have. After all, people who found or work at there are taking the biggest risk there is: betting everything on an idea and their passion and working hard until they make it big! People who work at startups are generally also some of the most talented people in their field. So, what better place to work at than at a startup? The Netherlands is known for its high number of student startups - one of the reasons that studying here is great!


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The cons of working at startups

Work-life balance doesn’t really exist

Working at a startup generally means that you work extremely hard and long hours. Startups are usually full of people that are passionate about their work or their product and don’t necessarily see a difference between work and home hours. Likewise, because startup employees want their product or service to be the best it can be and succeed in the market, people will work extra hard to see that happen. You might also find that the line between weekday and weekend becomes smaller and smaller until it becomes non-existent.

Pay isn’t that great starting out

Because startups are founded by entrepreneurs, investors don’t automatically run to the bank to finance them. That means that you may not exactly get paid as much as you would working for a more traditional company. In combination with those long hours, you might find that you aren’t getting paid very high per hour. However, if all goes well and the startup flourishes, you could be looking at a bright future.

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The pros of working at startups

You work with talented and ambitious people

Mark Zuckerberg was only 20 when he came up with Facebook, after all. At startups, you work with talented and enormously driven people who want to make their mission happen. Often, this might even be an international team, meaning a mixture of people with different experiences and abilities. Such a multi-cultural and passionate team is bound to strike inspiration in you and motivate you to hustle harder!

Learning by doing

Startups move and change quickly. That means that you will have little time to learn the basics as you would transitioning into a normal job. But this works in your favor, because you will have to learn quickly! Moreover, you will learn by doing. Plus, because startups are usually a small team of individuals, you might be required to switch roles and responsibilities. Maybe you’re a social media manager one week, a finance manager the next week, and a creative director the third. Who knows? Yes, it might mean longer hours, but it means that you will gain experience in a number of different things that will be really useful further down the road! Even better, your CV will be packed with experience and skills like teamwork, strong work ethic, and problem-solving skills.

Innovation and creativity are where it’s at

What better place to enhance your creativity and innovation skills than at a startup? Nowadays, most startups are focused on a mission, a solution to a problem, or a way to navigate obstacles. Not only do you need to be passionate about your work and be willing to give it everything you’ve got, but you get the chance to strike out with your creativity. Because it is a smaller team of people, your originality and creativity will matter 200% more.

You share the satisfaction of growth or success

If you are with a startup early on or one of the founders, you might have the chance of seeing your company grow and succeed. What’s more, as an employee of a startup, your say might have more weight than you would starting at a more traditional type of company. Imagine the feeling of knowing all your hard work and long hours have gone to good use when the startup grows!

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As you can see, there are definitely more pros than there are cons when it comes to working at startups. However, it is obvious that startups aren’t for everyone. Long hours and a little bit of stress are almost unavoidable. But the positives far outweigh the negatives! So why not work at a startup? You might find that it’s just what you are looking for. Check out College Life Work to see the latest startup job offers!

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