The Story of Jane, Digigurus & International Jobs

Jane is a young woman from Mexico who did her Bachelor and Masters in the Netherlands. After she finished with a background in anthropology, law, globalization, and development studies, Jane was ready to find a job. But how does one find international jobs as a fresh graduate? If you don't speak the native language (i.e. level C1 or C2) of the country you're in (in this case, the Netherlands) and don't have a large professional network like a local might, finding a job here could be more difficult.

Job boards were Jane's solution. After attempting to connect with employers through a number of job boards, Jane finally hit the jackpot when she used College Life Work.


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How College Life helped Jane

How does College Life Work work? Select the type of job you want, the field you'd like to work in, the city you're looking in, and any keywords related to your desired job.

"I sent an application through the website and immediately got an email saying 'we've received the application' and that you would forward it to DigiGurus and I would hear from them. So that was quite nice because then I knew what to expect. And sometimes you send in an application and you don't hear anything or you get a generic email that doesn't even tell you what the next step is," Jane told us.

College Life's priority is to help you find career opportunities that best fit with your interests and capabilities. Jane applied to DigiGurus, even though it was a tech company and though at a first glance, her background didn't really match the industry. But since she had an interest in tech and the opening looked interesting, she took a leap of faith and applied.

"Part of the application process was your standard interview and part of it was particular to DigiGurus and particular to the job. This interview was followed by an assessment and a personality test," Jane admitted.

Out of around 100 applicants, Jane was the only one offered a position at the company.


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On the hunt for international jobs

So what does Jane recommend to those looking for jobs in the international market?

"Do not be afraid to go out of your field." Jane applied to a tech company with no prior experience in the industry itself. In the end, the fact that she had a different background from the rest of the applicants made her stand out and get a job offer.

"At first, when I saw an opening I liked, I really tailored my letter and my CV to it. So I spent a few days per application and therefore had fewer applications. But that didn't work so I changed my strategy and just applied to as many vacancies as I could. I had had 4 to 5 cover letters and tailored them to each employer I applied to. I was told that networking was very important and that is something that I lacked when searching for work," she added.

As an international student, networking can be difficult. College Life recognizes that. That's why whenever you apply for international jobs through College Life Work, your application lands directly in the inbox of the HR/talent acquisition manager of the company.

What's the takeaway? Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and send your application out to multiple employers in different fields. Even if you're not sure you're exactly the right fit, get in contact with the employer and start a conversation.

Want to find out more about how you can get ahead as an international student or graduate? Check out our Careers section on College Life Magazine for more articles like these.

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