NS Groepsretour Guide for Beginners in Holland

Travelling with trains for a cheap price no matter where you go? Sign me up! With NS Groepsretour (a group return ticket), you can do so!

Here is the unofficial NS Groepsretour Guide for beginners!


1. What is an NS Groepsretour?

An NS Groepsretour is a return ticket. 4 to 10 people are able to travel anywhere they want in Holland on the same day!

2. How much does it cost?

Well, traveling with 4 individuals costs you €55 in total (so that would be €13.75 per person). The more people you can get to travel with you, the less you have to pay. For example, for every passenger you add, that would be an extra €2.50 per each passenger. It goes up to a maximum of €70 (so when there are 10 people). So, in the case of 10 passengers, each passenger only has to pay €7.

3. I heard that people buy these via Facebook. I've never bought one before so can you explain this?

Well, Facebook is one of the places you can get the tickets from. This is way easier. Usually, there are people who offer to make a group to go to a destination. Then that person waits until everyone pays to buy the tickets. After, that person will send it to each of your emails.

The problem with buying via Facebook is that there are scammers. Scammers usually ask you to pay first and then do not deliver anything to your email. It is even be more suspicious if they don't ask for your details (because it's necessary for the ticket).

4. How do I identify scammers?

Basically, you have to make sure that they ask you the right questions while you're trying to purchase your ticket. Here are some of the key questions you should be asked (and that are required to sign up fro a group returnticket).

  1. Your initials and last name
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Which station you depart from
  4. Your final destination
  5. Your email address

Also, you have to look into that person's profile. Usually, you can identify if they are scammers by the number of friends they have on Facebook. Someone who has for example, 5 friends (meaning it can be a fake account), is most likely to be a scammer.

5. I don't have enough people to travel with. How do I get more people to join?

Well, usually there are Facebook groups for tickets going from/to your destination. For example, if you want to go to Schiphol Airport, you can try finding the group that goes there too. In this group, you will also find people that want to go to your destination too.

6. Do I have to travel together with other passengers at the same time?

Good question! This is not necessary! You see, each passenger can travel separately and at different times. However, it has to be on the same day. This is what makes the ticket very unique and convenient!

7. Do I have to go from the same station as other passengers?

Fortunately, no you don't. For example, if you may have purchased a ticket from Den Haag HS to Roermond, while the other passengers may travel in that order, you don't have to. Since it is a return ticket, it goes both ways.

8. Are there any additional rules I should know about?

Actually, yes! Here are some of the important rules NS made that you should know concerning the usage of these tickets:

  1. Only if there is a delay will you get a refund
  2. The ticket will only be valid from
    1. Weekdays: 09:00 A.M to 04:00 A.M
    2. Weekends: All day
    3. Not valid on King's Day (April 27)
  3. Every passenger needs a ticket (paper/e-ticket) with them
  4. You can't combine this ticket with other offers
  5. NS has the right to charge a higher price

So, there you go! Travelling through holland will never be as expensive as before with the NS Groepsretour!

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