Looking for an alternative? Meet College Life Work. alternative college life work

Say hello to the global career platform for top international students & graduates. Instantly connect with young candidates from the world's best universities through College Life Work.


College Life Work collaborates closely with top universities (e.g. Erasmus University) and governments (e.g. Municipality of Rotterdam) to provide a direct career channel for international students & graduates. By being aware of  the the exact programmes that universities offer and understanding what the largest sectors in the given city are, we guides companies in building successful recruitment campaigns. alternatives partnership employer branding


College Life Media is an award-winning employer branding agency. The brand focuses on helping employers build a powerful narrative and create rich media content that draws the target audience closer to the action. This helps companies boost their overall awareness through improved employer branding, which then has a direct positive impact on the number of applicants through College Life Work. 

Discover how Braskem received 16 qualified candidates within 19 days

college life team shows success of one of the customers through a graph

How easily can you switch to College Life Work? It's simple.


Keep using as your ATS. Simply create a new job post on College Life Work within 5 minutes, and send applicants directly to the job post on Con: It might be difficult to track how many candidates are coming through College Life Work and how many through alternative connection alternative resume


Use College Life Work as your ATS. Create a new job post on College Life Work, and manage all new candidates directly through in your dashboard. Proyou can track all candidates that go through College Life Work, and thus accurately evaluate how well the platform is working for you.

Features  College Life Work
TARGET AUDIENCE Top university students and graduates All university students and graduates
ACTIVE COUNTRIES Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, France Netherlands & UK
EMPLOYER BRANDING Films, Videos, Photography, Social Media, Influencer Management Photography
PRICE All features for €190, - per job slot Pricing information hidden


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