The Struggle of Juggling 2 Part-time Jobs

It’s Friday night and you want to grab a couple of pre-drinks with your friends before heading out. You head to the cashier to buy your bottles of beer when suddenly, the transaction fails because your card was declined. Though this situation may be a little too specific to resonate with everyone, the sheer terror of being broke at a supermarket check out is one that most students have experienced at least once. Most of us were never given the insane luck of being born a trust-fund baby.

As follows, whether to help support yourself or start a little side hustle, you’ve probably already thought about getting a part-time job, if you don’t already have one. But what happens when you need a side-hustle to your side hustle? 

Communicate & Establish Expectations

Juggling 2 part-time jobs is as difficult as it sounds. The first step you need to take before you take on the second position is establishing boundaries and expectations. Don’t promise a workload that you will never be able to complete. Don't pile up responsibilities you’ll never be able to realistically take on. In that vein, set hard boundaries as to the amount of time and energy you are both able and willing to dedicate to both your jobs and school. Once you’ve created realistic expectations for yourself you can translate those into responsibilities and availability for your employers. The key is to constantly communicate and negotiate your workload. 

Create a Rigid Schedule for Juggling your 2 Part-time Jobs

Managing student life on its own is insanely complicated. Now imagine adding not only one set of extra responsibilities but two! As a rule of thumb, the creation of structure brings with it ease. If you have fixed hours and aren’t freelancing, create a timetable! Map out your days from the moment you wake up to when you fall asleep. Schedule in breaks and pauses as well as designated study times. If one of your jobs involves freelancing, find the discipline to set down specific work times for yourself. Though it may be tempting to work at odd hours, creating a fixed schedule for yourself provides stability which in the long run will greatly relieve you of stress. The true secret to juggling 2 part-time jobs is not the creation of extra time but the efficient handling and allocation of the time you already have available. 

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Have People Help you Out 

There will be days when the very idea of showing up class is an insult to your mental health and an assault to your sanity. There will be days when you have to choose between working the last shift and perfecting your final paper. Juggling 2 part-time jobs becomes a hell of a lot easier when you can count on your friends and classmates to help you out. Don’t hesitate to reach out to other people in the program to form study groups or share study materials. Your university and/or study program may have a buddy or tutoring system in place or other resources for struggling students. Similarly, reach out to your coworkers if ever you feel that something is too much. As a student juggling 2 part-time jobs, there is the prerequisite that you cannot do it alone. 

Create a Vision Board to Help Set Goals

You don't have to believe in the law of attraction to create a vision board. Create a vision board or a poster board with the goals you want to achieve and the steps you’re taking to achieve them. This can be a lifesaver when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Even if your current jobs are not in the same field as the one you want to pursue in the future, they are nonetheless important to developing your skills.

For example, if you are a cashier now but you want to be a doctor, you can note down on your vision board that the job is teaching you important skills, like how to stay calm under pressure or how to deal with difficult people. Whatever your situation, describing how your current jobs are helping you move closer to your goals can be very motivating.

Juggling 2 Part-time Jobs Starts with Being Organized 

Though this seems to be the same thing as creating a schedule that you stick to, it’s not. Being organized is more about automating and streamlining any daily or weekly tasks. It starts with simple things such as automating monthly bills and having a set grocery list. Something as easy as prepping your dinners makes a huge difference when finals are around the corner and you have to take on an extra shift. 

Hopefully, after reading this you feel like you’re well-equipped to take on that second job.

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