Entrepreneur in Residence: co-founder of a Healthcare Startup

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Enabling young entrepreneurs to shape our society

Entrepreneur in Residence: co-founder of a Healthcare Startup

The sector…
Acceleration of technical innovation, the possibilities of big data and the growing demand for improved delivery of healthcare at lower costs, are transforming our healthcare system. Health Tech startups are leading the way by seizing opportunities to answer to unmet needs and create new, innovative business models. Imagine a platform that uses big data analysis to predict potential treatment outcomes of patients, based on treatment data of thousands of patients worldwide. Think of a system that offers real-time insight in the availability of hospital beds in the region, so first responders always know where to bring in medical emergencies. Or build an app, that focuses on mental well-being by helping its users balancing their work- and private life. Did you ever consider becoming a healthcare entrepreneur? With the right mindset, people and the support of Holland Startup, we can build sustainable business models that will transform healthcare to secure access to healthcare now, and in the future…

A bit about Holland Startup…
Holland Startup, an Utrecht-based venture builder, was founded in 2014 with the goal to help young entrepreneurs succeed and overcome the pitfalls of venture building. Since then, we have become the specialist in the design, incubation, acceleration and active operational support of digital companies and their founders. Our core philosophy is “Enabling young entrepreneurs to shape our society”. For the next 5 years, we aim to help 50 entrepreneurs build 25 companies, focusing on themes such as a healthier society, an educated world, financial empowerment and logistics. We love business models that are disruptive to stodgy old industries, or that are validated outside of Europe but not yet available in Europe. Since its inception in 2014, Holland Startup has invested in 8 startups and invested over EUR 1 million. We are a diverse, international team of 26, dedicated to find repeatable and scalable business models that can change the world for the better!

The opportunity:
As a co-founder, it will be your primary task to validate and build a startup. Holland Startup builds teams of two co-founders that validate and build startups using a standardized process, allowing us to move from ideation to scaling in 300 days. We offer:

  • A challenging, full-time (>40 hours) position as co-founder of a startup;
  • Full ownership from scratch: shaping and pivoting a high-level idea into an actual proof of concept and ultimately an MVP (minimal viable product);
  • A research grant while building a startup;
  • An extensive network, access to relevant expertise and in-depth guidance;
  • Incorporating a company and getting backed by venture capital (and their support team) at Holland Startup;
  • A warm and vibrant startup community at our headquarters in Utrecht’s city center, where your startup will be based. We place trust and confidence in our co-founders.

What we are looking for:

  • A great teammate: you flourish when you work in a competent and harmonious team. Your fellow co-founder is your partner in crime.
  • Entrepreneurial drive: recognizing market opportunities and considering them in a businesslike manner. You’re open, curious, investigative and you have a positive mindset. You’re willing to take on the role of pioneer and explore unknown avenues to achieve business advantage;
  • Drafting and executing plans: hands-on and experience in handling projects independently is what defines you. You’re decisive and willing to act, but are always maintaining flexibility to adapt plans according to new insights, changing circumstances, tasks, responsibilities and people.
  • Networking: you’re naturally strong at building and maintaining relationships with partners and customers; you’re a people’s person and have excellent social skill to make affective use of informal networks;
  • Results oriented: you’re passionate about achieving tangible results and are driven to find the right business model for the venture. You know how to engage partners, listen to potential customers and translate this into successful business.
  • Self-development: you have the ability reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, and you initiate activities that further develop your own knowledge, skills and competences.
  • Attentive listening: you ask the right questions and you are an excellent listener, as demonstrated by the capacity to pick up significant information from verbal communications;
  • Resilient: you’re resilient, determined and passionate about your work, and you continue to perform effectively when facing time-pressure, adversity, disappointment and opposition;
  • Independent: you can work independently and act on the basis of your own convictions rather than trying to satisfy others. You go your own way.
  • Persuasive: you are able to persuade others to adopt a certain standpoint and try to come to agreements by providing logical and appropriate arguments and methods;


  • You have affinity with or a background in healthcare or a related field; you have a good understanding of innovation and technology in the field;
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field;
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken;
  • 0-5 years of relevant work experience in your industry/sector and/or product development experience
  • You live in the Netherlands, preferably close to Utrecht, or are in the position to move on short notice.

Interested in this position? Send your application, containing your resume and a motivational letter via the form below.

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