Top 5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Holiday Job

The holiday season is not only a time of joy but also a time students tend to get worried about their financial situation. Whether you’re going home for Christmas or staying in the Netherlands, holidays come with their expenses. Therefore, if you want to have the budget for all those gifts, parties and trips you’re planning, it might be a smart idea to get a part-time holiday job. During the festive season, many employers are looking for helping hands. Here are 5 useful tips to get you started with your job search.

1. Apply for Every Holiday Job You Can

As the job market is very competitive this season, don’t think that you will get the first job you apply for. Make sure you apply for as many jobs as possible to increase your chances. Moreover, don’t be too picky since the job you’re looking for is mainly for some extra holiday cash and does not necessarily have to benefit your future career goals.

2. Retail & Hospitality are the Areas to Go for

Focus your search on retail and hospitality as these are the fields that are most likely to have holiday job vacancies. In fact, Christmas is the busiest time for shopping so it’s perfect for those looking for temporary employment in this sector. Retail is also one of the easiest jobs to go for as often no prior experience is necessary. Focusing on specific industries will save you time and make your job search more effective.

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3. Ask Around

Ask about possible holiday job vacancies to everyone you know who is working in the sector you’re interested in. As a matter of fact, many international students leave the Netherlands for the holidays, so you might have a chance at replacing them for this time. Additionally, word-of-mouth recommendations are helpful and can increase your chances of getting the job.

4. Look in the Right Places

If you’re an international student who doesn’t speak Dutch, your holiday job search might be quite difficult. Therefore, you have to make sure you’re looking in the right places to avoid wasting your time on Dutch-only vacancy boards. For instance, the College Life Job board is a perfect place to look for a non-Dutch job as there’s a strict policy that companies can only post jobs that require English. Here you will find offers from multinational companies to startups. In fact, College Life cooperates with large international companies like ING, Uber, Philips and Delivery Hero. Check it out from time to time not to miss any good vacancies!

5. Try Keeping your Holiday Job in the New Year

Usually, holiday jobs are temporary. However, you should try your best to keep it as a part-time job also after the Christmas season. Therefore, make sure you do your job well. You should stand out from other part-time workers and express interest in what you do. Being friendly and punctual will help you create a good reputation which will benefit you when you decide to ask for a prolonged contract. Besides, if you leave a good impression you’re more likely to get a positive reference from your employer that could help you land another job!

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