How to Get a Job: Tips from College Life and Emerce

A great workplace can give you a lot when it comes to knowledge and skills. However, landing a job isn't always the easiest thing to do. The internet is overflowing with many tips and tricks on how to get a job. It's hard to know who to listen to! Luckily, with some help of our partner companies, we compiled a list of the top tips to keep in mind when job-hunting.

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Start with the research

Before you apply for a job, it's best to first research the position and the company. Take a moment to look up the company online, its history, and values. This will not only come in handy when writing your CV. Being very knowledgeable about the company you're interested in is a good way to impress recruiters during job interviews and networking events. It might sound a little obvious but knowing that additional trivia about the company is a good way to stand out from other applicants.

The next step is to thoroughly research the position you're looking for. Look up the job listings of the company you're interested in on Linkedin. You will be able to see exactly which skills the recruiters are looking for. That way, you can also see which skills you need to gain or improve.

Don’t forget to check out the many articles on job hunting and recruitment we have posted on College Life Magazine.

Get some experience

OK, we admit it. This is quite an obvious but really important step! Nowadays a degree is not really something that sets you apart: Employers simply expect you to have one. What will set you apart is experience.

A great way to gain experience as a student is by doing an internship. Plenty of companies offer internship opportunities in various disciplines. Our partner, Accenture, offers internship programs in areas such as consulting, tech, security, and strategy. These positions usually last around 6 months and offer a nice salary. What’s more important, however, is that they help you gain the necessary skills and experience to thrive in a busy corporate environment.

An internship is a perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door and to expand your network. Get to know people and make sure you leave a good impression!

Experience is not in every company's list of mandatory qualifications. EY Czechia offers strategic consulting positions to students and graduates without requiring prior work experience in the field.

Direct contact can be helpful

Let’s say you already have a fancy degree and some relevant experience. The next step, naturally, is applying for the job you want. However, applying for jobs via online forms may simply not be enough these days. Even with a degree and some experience under your belt it may be hard for you to stand out in front of other applicants.

With the help of LinkedIn, you can directly message the company you're interested in to inquire about the positions you want to apply for. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to send private messages to people outside of your network as part of their Premium account plan. Use your InMails wisely! You’re only given five in your month of free LinkedIn Premium (which you can, of course, renew!) so only contact the recruiters/department heads for positions you want the most.

Don’t be afraid of messaging people from our partner companies directly. It might take you some research to find their LinkedIn profile, email address, or telephone number, but when it comes to job applications, it’s all about quality, not quantity!


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Try networking

Networking takes you from being a resume and a cover letter to be a person in the eyes of a company you’re applying to. Directly contacting your dream company is just one kind of networking. Next time, look up networking events in your area to mingle with people and companies in person.

Don't forget to check out networking events hosted by our partners. For example, Holland FinTech often organizes events and meet-ups for members of their network. Thinking of networking in a more proactive way? Bunq has recently successfully organized their first hackathon. Keep an eye on their future events and don't forget to read our article about why hackathons are great.

Of course, you will have tons of opportunities to network at eDay!


Don’t get disheartened! Finding a job can be a long and sometimes disappointing process. It can take multiple rejections at different stages of the recruitment process to finally get a job of your dreams. Don’t give up!

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