GDCC Rotterdam Is Hiring; Here’s Why It’s the Perfect Student Job

It's no secret. No one has enough money during their studies, and therefore, a student job can never hurt. It can be difficult to find the student job that's just right for you. Some cost too much time, some don't pay enough, and some simply aren't looking to hire students. Lucky for you, GDCC Rotterdam is currently looking for new student employees and there is little reason not to apply there.

If you're looking for a job with a good pay, flexible hours, and a great learning experience, GDCC is the right place for you. But what is GDCC? GDCC stands for the Global Data Collection Company. This data is collected by conducting telephone calls in various languages across the world. That's why GDCC is looking for international students in the Netherlands who speak English and other languages fluently. And here's why it's the perfect place for you.

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1. GDCC Rotterdam is centrally located

GDCC Rotterdam is located next to Rotterdam Central Station, which is perfect for anyone living in Rotterdam or commuting from another city. Need to take the train to work? Easy. Once you get to Rotterdam Central Station, walk for one minute and you're at the GDCC office. You won't be losing too much time commuting to your part-time job, which means you will have lots of time for other activities.

Working in the city centre has more benefits than just a short commute. After work, you can step out for drinks with fellow international colleagues at some of Rotterdam's best bars Or explore some other parts of the city using the public transportation hub right outside your office door. The possibilities are endless.

2. GDCC Rotterdam offers a freelance zero hour contract

What does this mean? This means you choose when and how much you work. At GDCC, you'll be paid by the hour and therefore, it's up to you to decide how much money you will make in a month. Have an exam week coming up? No problem, cut down on work hours that week and pick up more the next week.

In addition to flexible hours, GDCC also pays competitively and even offers bonus incentives on certain projects. This means you could be earning even more than a simple hourly rate depending on your performance.

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3. Language practice

Whether you're trying to maintain your native tongue while studying abroad or seeking to better that one language you kind of forgot to keep up with, GDCC allows you to do both. Free language courses are offered to help you expand your reach. At GDCC Rotterdam, these are Dutch, English, and Spanish. This is a great way to either improve a language or learn a new language from scratch. Besides it being cool to know several languages, this will also make you a more attractive job candidate in the future. Knowing multiple languages means you're a more flexible employee.

GDCC is a great place to be employed, as it works with your study schedule and helps you grow as a professional. You can comfortably work in your native language, or decide to challenge yourself and learn a new one. If you're still looking for a student job and have a permit to work in the Netherlands then you should definitely apply for GDCC while the openings are still available!

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