GDCC: an Inside Look with Agnieszka

At College Life, we believe that the best way to learn about what it's like to work at a particular company is from someone who works there. Who else can share better insights, right? For this article, we focused on the international company GDCC. GDCC is a telephone research company which operates in Istanbul, London, Hong Kong, and Rotterdam and is one of the largest leaders in market research across Europe.

GDCC is located in Rotterdam Central and is the most international call center in the Netherlands. With more than 40+ nationalities working in their office, the company opens the door and grants opportunities to many expats, in particular, to those that have just arrived in the Netherlands or those that haven't yet learned how to speak Dutch at a professional level.

Our team interviewed one of those expats who has been working for GDCC since November. Her name is Agnieszka and she is active in the Polish team. She came to the Netherlands to do a Master's program at the Erasmus University but she wanted to meet new people and work in the Netherlands at the same time.

The gdcc team working

What is working for GDCC like?

Agnieszka: Working here is one of the best experiences I got so far. I met tones of internationals in the same situation as me, who wanted to study and work, to cover the expenses. The Netherlands is a beautiful country but everything is quite expensive so working part-time for GDCC allows me to study and still have spare time to meet some friends.

What do you like the most about this company then?

Agnieszka: Definitely the flexibility. Before GDCC, I worked in another company in The Hague but the hours are fixed so sometimes I needed to skip a lecture at the university. With GDCC, I can manage my schedule every week and change the hours when needed. I love it!

What are you doing exactly in the company? What is it like working for a Market Research company?

Agnieszka: I am working in the Polish team. We interview companies and consumers on the phone and ask them for feedback or an opinion. The majority of the clients of GDCC are B2B, but sometimes they get B2C projects. I have already been in different ones, so I learned quite a lot about different topics. For example, I have been working on a finances project, IT, or even about the medical industry.

gdcc team working in their Rotterdam office

What was the last project you worked on? What did you have to do?

Agnieszka: My primary role is to be a Telephone Interviewer. I work with the software of GDCC to call companies. Depending on the project, you have different types of questions and goals: you can focus on customer satisfaction, brand awareness, political pooling, and online recruitment. The project I'm currently working on is about finances, and we interview all different kinds of companies. We do not sell any service or product but we gather the feedback of companies about their financial status over the past six months. I find the topic very interesting!

Are you planning on staying longer at GDCC?

Agnieszka: I hope so! GDCC offers language courses for free to employees, and I am currently learning Dutch. I still have to learn a lot, but since this job offers me a lot and it is very easy to combine with my Master, I hope to stay here until I finish my studies. They also organize company events for employees like the Friendly Fridays at Breakaway bar. It is the best moment to socialize and meet other colleagues. I met my best friend at GDCC!

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Here's a sneak peek of what it looks like to work at GDCC.

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