GDCC Callcenter Rotterdam is Exactly What You Need to Improve Your Professional Network

These days, all people seem to talk about is the importance of networking. And honestly, they're not wrong. Your professional network can get you that job in the future and put you one step ahead of competing candidates. The GDCC Callcenter Rotterdam can be exactly what you need to expand your network as an international student in the Netherlands. In addition to being a flexible part-time job with competitive compensation, the GDCC international team is a great group to work with and add to your network.

GDCC is a global data collection company. They get hired for projects and do research by conducting interviews around the world in over 40 different languages. What does this mean? GDCC needs international students, like you, in the Netherlands. The less common your language, the better. GDCC wants to have a maximum global reach and therefore native speakers in as many different languages as possible are a must.

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You're together with other international employees

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, having an international network is very important. At a place like GDCC Callcenter Rotterdam, you're working with other students and professionals from all over the world. They might have a lot of experience or might just be starting out, like you. Either way, each person you meet is an asset and could be an integral addition to your network for later.

Furthermore, working with people from different cultures is a great way to learn. They will likely have different perspectives, different work attitudes and unique tactics for approaching problems. This can teach you a lot about how to approach the professional world.

Keeping it interesting at GDCC Callcenter Rotterdam

A high level of international employees at a company also means that your work is interesting. Everyone speaks different languages, lives by different traditions, and has different ideas. In addition to learning how they work differently, these international colleagues could become good friends of yours. Grab a drink after work and connect with them on a more personal level.

Working at GDCC is also a great way to branch out of your local network. Often, students become restricted to their circle of study friends and roommates. Being part of an international team allows you to get in contact with people from other cities and studies. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two from them. This is especially important if you're interested in working abroad in the future. Having a network of individuals from all over the world opens up quite a few doors for you.

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All employees at GDCC Callcenter Rotterdam are driven and hard-working, so you'll likely share the same mindset as them. This makes for a great work environment filled with unique individuals and efficient working techniques. In short? Get ready for a fun and educational experience at GDCC!

Does this sound interesting to you? Don't wait too long and apply for a job at GDCC Rotterdam as soon as possible. Flexible working hours, competitive compensation, an international team, and a centrally-located office await you!

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